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I graduated VCE in 2015 from Nossal High School with an ATAR of 98.35 and I have been tutoring since then and am able to help students of all abilities. From those who need help keeping up to those students who need more challenging work to keep them engaged.

I completed a bachelor of Science Advanced Research at Monash Uni and I am currently completing a Masters in Mathematics at the ETH in Zurich, Switzerland. I received study scores of 48, 49, and 46 in Physics, Specialist and Methods respectively.

I’d be very happy to help you!


  • ANU Summer Research Scholar


Bachelor of Science Advanced - Research (Honours)
Master of Mathematics ETH Zurich


  • Mountain Biking
  • Juggling
  • Mathematics
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Travelling


Anthony is a great tutor. If there is ever anything that you're struggling with, he will always assist you. He will always make sure that you understand everything that you do, and will keep you working hard throughout the whole year
- By Shenouda Hanna on 9th November 2017

I’ve started tutoring with Anthony half way through this year and with his assistance I have improved in many areas. He is a hard working tutor who ensures to give his students clear explanations to suit them. I definitely recommend him :)
- By on 8th November 2017

I've been with Anthony for all of 2016 and have not regretted it since. My grades used to be very low, however with Anthony's help I was able to go from C to A's. Anthony is able to explain hard concepts and hard questions to the the point were they seem simple. I strongly recommend anybody that needs help with Math VCE subjects or Physics, get Anthony NOW.
- By Ben Awad on 27th December 2016

A very hardworking tutor that gives many clear explanations to suit different people. Also gives many worksheets and practise papers.
- By Marina on 20th December 2016

Anthony, an amazing tutor I had for Math methods. Very clear explanations and will repeat several times the content to make it clear as possible. Always keeps you working hard through out the year and allows you to prepare for your exams early on. Highly recommend him.
- By Kiro Abead on 20th December 2016

Anthony is really friendly and makes learning fun! He is very helpful and is always prepared for any question I ask, whether it be in physics, methods or spesh. He is also insanely passionate about what he tutors, which is why he is such an engaging teacher!
- By Mili on 20th December 2016

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