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Since 2005, TutorMind has helped students achieve academic success in school and beyond.
TutorMind's definition of academic success is achieving high grades consistently and confidently (this definition is critical to our students' success - keep reading to find out why). Every year, our students demonstrate academic success across multiple subjects allowing them to receive 99+ ATARs (top 1% of Australia), countless merits, awards, scholarships and entry into competitive university courses such as Medicine, Dentistry and Engineering.

But that is only the beginning.


TutorMind's exceptional tutoring service allows students to achieve success both in school and for life.

Our extensive tutoring experience, combined with evidence-based research, input from leading educators and experience of people who have achieved academic excellence has led us to develop a tutoring strategy that will guide students to their own academic success.

There are 5 main factors that contribute to a student's success:

- Effort
- Intelligence
- Systems
- Skills & techniques
- Environment

In order to address these factors that undermine academic success, TutorMind's tutoring strategy delivers two key components:

1. Excellent and high-quality tutoring to deliver subject knowledge to students
2. Teaching students *how to learn* and *how to study.* Without these critical skills, a student can receive all the tutoring they need but never quite attain academic success.

Therefore, TutorMind provides high-calibre traditional tutoring services that will improve students' grades, motivation and confidence. However, to achieve greater excellence and life-long success, we also teach our students the skills, techniques and strategies that they need to learn and study.


- Receive higher grades for all of their subjects
- Consistently achieves their desired outcomes
- Develops greater self-confidence
- Improve time-management skills and learn the concept of prioritisation
- Develop efficient and effective studying strategies
- Create fool-proof study systems
- Greater self-awareness and improved study/life mindset

Altogether, this creates a recipe for academic success for school and beyond.


Exceptional tutors create exceptional students. Our tutors undergo an intensive 6-stage screening process to ensure they are of the highest calibre. Once selected, the tutors undergo extensive training and development to guide your child to academic success.

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Countless of TutorMind students have:
- Achieved +99 ATARS (ranked in the top 1% of Australia)
- Earned subject merits
- Awarded scholarships and awards of academic excellence
- Received their first preference into ultra-competitive courses such as Medicine and Dentistry
- Garnered life-long study and study skills


Thank you so so much TutorMind. I was able to achieve my ATAR goal of 99.95 with your help. I wouldn't have been able to do it without the tutors. They answered so many questions, re-explained things numerous times and were really patient with me when I was stressed. TutorMind also helped me with the UCAT and interview for Medicine and I am eternally grateful. I highly recommend the workshops that helped me revise weekly core topics and accelerated my study.
- By Matt on 26th May 2021

The support that I received with TutorMind was exceptional. You can tell that they have spent time and effort researching and developing their tutoring strategy because it works so well. They know what they're doing. I came to TutorMind for help with Biology but I ended up asking for help across all my subjects (Maths, Chem, Physics, Research Project) because they were just so good!!! They taught well, gave me amazing advice for assignments and how to achieve high scores on my tests and exams. I also learnt a different way to write notes and revise which improved my grades immensely. Thanks TutorMind, you guys are great!
- By Lucy on 26th May 2021

TutorMind tutored me for Chemistry and Maths in yr 11 and 12. The tutors were so knowledgeable was a large part in my entrance into medicine. The strengths of their tutoring included the structure of the sessions, applicability of efficient techniques and mentorship from students who have been in the same position. The study strategies were truly unique and really helped me go from Bs to A+s. Furthermore, the guidance and advice for year 12 students looking to get into medicine or dentistry is second-to-none. I am now studying medicine at the University of Adelaide and owe so much to the guys at TutorMind for getting me here - I can not recommend them enough!
- By Jason Booker on 26th May 2021

With TutorMind's help, I improved my grades from an average of Bs to As and A+!!!! I am so grateful for their amazing tutors and constant support. The tutors are highly knowledgable, friendly and it's always a great learning environment. I've been through a few tutors but TutorMind surpasses them all because TutorMind actually teaches you the process of studying and learning. I also love their on-call tutoring service where they schedule in a session at the last-minute for you and there were so many times when I needed their help before a test!!!! Thank you so much guys, I will (and have!) recommended my friends and family to you.
- By Casey on 26th May 2021

I can't recommend TutorMind enough. They helped me get into Medicine with their excellent tutoring and supportive approach. TutorMind doesn't just teach you the subjects, they teach you how to actually study and learn so that you can always get high grades across the board. I'm so thankful I went with TutorMind because their tutors are kind, friendly and so knowledgeable. Thanks TutorMind!
- By Tony on 26th May 2021

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I reached out to TutorMind to help my daughter, Kayla, who was struggling in school. After the first few sessions, I couldn't believe the transformation. Kayla completely changed her motivation and attitude towards school. She started to understand concepts better and this helped her gain confidence which then resulted in her improved grades. Kayla jumped from receiving Cs to As!!! I believe Kayla's transformation is due to TutorMind's amazing tutoring approach. They taught her the skills and mindset required to actually learn and study. They also give great lessons on subjects but when you combine the fundamentals of studying, Kayla became a top student. Our family can't express our gratitude enough. We have recommended TutorMind to everyone!
- By Tammy on 26th May 2021


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