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I'm a Hornsby Girl's High School graduate of 2019 who is currently studying a Bachelor of Environmental Biology at the University of Technology Sydney.

As you may have guessed from my degree, my strongest subject in the HSC was biology. I received an ATAR of 93.30 with a band 6 in Biology and high band 5 for Advanced English, Ancient History, Modern History and Geography.

I am also able to teach Japanese as I am a native Japanese speaker so my conversational skills are at a very high level.

I have experience especially with younger high school students due to my previous employment at Au Academy in Hornsby during my high school years and have also online tutored many year 11 and year 12 students in biology and English over the last year.

However as study-life balance gets more difficult and things get more stressful in senior years, senior students are my favorites to tutor. I can remember my own HSC days and the enormous pressure put on every task. For me, year 12 was the year that my athlete career flourished. I competed 4 times internationally and still enjoyed my senior year and did well in all my subjects. I think every senior student deserves to be taught better rather than for longer so that they have the opportunity to expand their experience in all aspects of life, rather than just academics.

I believe in incorporating creative and different teaching styles into learning the course curriculum as I understand that high school can be a stressful and overwhelming time for students. Tutoring should be enjoyable and increase your interest in the subject content, rather than feel like extra work hours.

I am currently offering online tutoring and home visits for those within my surrounding suburbs. In addition to my Zoom sessions, as my student you will have access to top level notes, resources specific to your needs and prompt responses (typically within an hour) for any inquiries. For assessment tasks I also give regular feedback and support on Google docs whenever neccessary.

My rate is $50 for Primary school & Years 7-10
My rate is $60 for Years 11-12


  • ATAR of 93.30


Year 12 completed in 2019.
Mark achieved: 93.30.
Currently studying Bachelor of Environmental Biology at University of Technology Sydney.


  • Parkour
  • Modelling
  • Volunteering at Sydney Fox & Dingo Rescue
  • Custom Shoe Painting


Anna is a very nice, kind person who has helped me a lot with all my studies and adjusted the time to suit me. Anna has supported me to identify my problems in my essay writing. Anna is a very thoughtful tutor who puts a lot of time and effort into researching articles for my studies beyond our sessions. Anna is very patient and explains anything that I don't understand again.

I have learned so much in my session with Anna. Thank you for getting me through this hard semester of my life, I honestly would have never gotten great marks if it was not for your help. Thank you so much once again! Anna is a calm and friendly tutor who really cares about her students. She has helped me through my studies and I would highly recommend her!
- By Suheyla on 9th July 2021

Anna's amazing at orienting her teaching style to help me understand things when I'm struggling. She's also super patient and understanding which is really nice because it can take me a while to get things. On top of this, she's really helped to pick out the exact information I need and the ways in which I need to understand it, so that I can pass my tests. My results have greatly improved since, thanks Anna :D
- By Madeline Ellis on 25th June 2021

Anna has been my Biology tutor for year 12 and it would be an understatement to say that she is an incredible tutor. Before Anna, I had very average marks in Biology and never quite understood how to get out of that range but after Anna started tutoring me, she helped me gain the skills needed to achieve higher marks in Biology. With consistent lessons with Anna, I was able to achieve the highest mark in my Biology Assessment, finally breaking out of my typical average range.

Anna has shown the capability to be very flexible in regards to time. This has been very helpful for me in this stressful last year of high school as when balancing the work load of every subject can become difficult, she can adjust the time to suit me. Anna is also flexible with the ways in which she can tailor her lessons to work on my weaknesses or what needs the most attention at the time whether it be revising content, researching for an assessment or working through practice HSC questions.

Before Anna, I have had multiple tutors however, none have been as helpful and invested in me as Anna. Anna has gone beyond our lessons to read research articles for my case study and read through and make suggestions on my drafts late at night and early in the morning to ensure I reach my fullest potential in all my work. Without Anna, I would not have made the improvements in Biology that I have and for that, I am very thankful for her investment in me.

For a good price, I believe that you are getting more than what you have paid for and for that reason, Anna is my bestrecommendation for an HSC tutor.
- By Mathena Bekele on 2nd May 2021

Character references

Anna is a capable and knowledgeable tutor who will ensure her students are well equipped to succeed academically. Her patience and communication skills make her an excellent tutor.
- By Jenny Chan on 5th July 2021


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