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Tutoring near Wahroonga, Sydney, NSW & Chatswood, Sydney, NSW


I am a passionate and effective tutor, helping to improve my students’ understanding and academic results. Throughout my HSC studies I took a very thorough, sometimes obsessive approach in ensuring that all content was understood and as a result, became highly conversant with HSC marker’s expectations and exam technique.

I am currently studying Commerce and Engineering at Sydney University.

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Maths Advanced - 99
Maths Extension 1 - 98
Chemistry - 96
Physics - 95
Economics - 96
English - 91
ATAR: 99.70


I am teaching Maths Advanced, Maths Extension 1, Chemistry, Physics and Economics and have a plethora of material available for all subjects.

- Highly detailed note set on all topics, with 20 essays on specific
topics throughout the course that have been reviewed
- I was tutored by Hortin Zeng (economics state rank in 2019), and
the majority of essays have been adapted from his teachings. This includes Knox Grammar School economics teachers (Knox achieved 65% band 6 in HSC Economics 2020)

- Detailed notes, spanning all 4 HSC modules and making a strong
emphasis on ‘Working Scientifically’ including
practical/experimental setup.
- In addition, I have a large collection of past papers all with
written answers.
- I was tutored by Lili Wang (Li Yi Wang), who achieved a state
rank in Chemistry in 2019.
- My noteset and written answers have been marked and
reviewed by Andrew Weeding, a senior HSC Chemistry marker since 2003.

- Detailed notes with very intuitive and logical explanations to
- Notes were adapted from William Liu, a Knox Grammar School
Rank 1 student in 2019.
- In addition, many concepts and explanations including diagrams
were learnt from Project Academy tutoring centre, including their wide collection of past papers.

- I have a collection of past papers and challenge questions spanning 15 years from different selective schools, including paid papers.
- Although I did not take notes for maths, I am able to assist you through a very understandable approach before working up to much more difficult questions.



Baulkham Hills
- Year 12 economics student rank 2 internally (2021)

Knox Grammar School
- Year 10 maths student rank 1 internally ()
- Year 11 advanced maths student (2019)
- Year 12 chemistry student (2021)

Pymble Ladies College
- Year 11 advanced maths student rank 3 (2020)

North Sydney Boys
- Year 11 economics student

Sydney Grammar School
- Two Year 10 maths students both ranked in top 20

Killarney Heights High School
- Year 10 maths student



Maths Advanced - 99
Maths Extension 1 - 98
Chemistry - 96
Physics - 95
Economics - 96
English - 91
ATAR: 99.70


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