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99.95 ATAR • BSc/Doctor of Medicine • 97 UCAT •

I am a current Double Degree Medicine Program student at the University of Sydney and holder of the Vice-Chancellor's Award.

In high-school, I achieved five A-levels (UK) with A* in Mathematics, English Literature, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics—equivalent to 99.95 ATAR— alongside a Top in the World Award for Science. I've competed in the International Biology Olympiad in Hungary and was awarded a Silver Medal (2019). Using my results, I was offered interviews for medicine and dentistry across Australia, including: USyd, UNSW, Monash, and the University of Adelaide; as well as direct acceptance into University of Queensland.

I also have experience with US colleges, having completed the SATs with a 1590/1600, and three subject tests with a full score of 800 each. I was offered interviews for MIT, Stanford, and Princeton. My first-hand experiences through the application process will help you achieve better results, and increase your chances of securing a competitive offer from US universities.

**Other achievements**
- 97th percentile • UCAT
- Silver Medal • International Biology Olympiad, 2019
- 6 Scholarship Awards from NZQA in Calculus, Statistics, English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

**US Colleges**
- 1590/1600 SAT
- 800/800 for: Biology M • Math II • Chemistry

My learning experiences has given me valuable expertise to learn subjects efficiently and effectively; furthermore, my years of tutoring experience has given me the ability to strategise for my students, and adapt to their needs. The learning process is different for each student, so I am willing to invest time to first understand their pain-points and shortfalls.

My teaching style revolves around developing an appreciation for the subject at hand. My students can expect to gain knowledge, skills, and appreciation for their subject that will motivate them to keep learning for themselves.

Lessons will be structured around the relevant syllabus, and involve a mixture of learning concepts, problem solving and readings. When working through questions together, I can use my personal experience to identify your shortfalls and provide recommendations to overcome them. Furthermore, I can show you how to avoid common mistakes, saving you time and effort.

Currently, I am accepting students for 1:1 and 2:1 lessons for:

- Maths, biology, chemistry, physics, and english
- Biology Olympiad training

I currently prefer online teaching or face-to-face lessons at libraries near Darlington (USyd campus). My rate is $70/hr for high-school subjects; for other subjects, my rate is $80/hr.

If you wish to know more or have concerns, please contact me with your email and phone number and I'd be happy to help.

I look forward to working with you to achieve your best!


  • 99.95 ATAR
  • 6 NZQA Scholarships
  • 5 A-levels with A*
  • Silver Medal • International Biology Olympiad (2019)
  • Top in the World for Combined Science
  • Scholarship Prefect
  • House Service Captain


Year 12 completed in 2019.
Mark achieved: 99.95.
Currently studying Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Medicine at The University of Sydney.


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