Meshleen S
Tutoring near Canley Heights, Sydney, NSW


The hourly rate will increase if the session is not an hour.

- 1.5 hours $70 (many increase depending on location)
- 2 hours $100
- online work (checking essays or written work - rate will depend on how long spent online - same hourly rates apply)

I finished university in 2011 and completed a certificate in 2020 to help students learn English who have come from backgrounds other than English. I've been teaching since 2012.

I have taught in Australia, UK and in Jordan. In the UK and Jordan I have taught in private schools. Some of the classes were under the IB system and others were just the standard national curriculum of the country which are similar to the NSW curriculum.

I believe in helping all students achieving their personal best and improving their own standards without demeaning the learner. It is not simply a competition with other students but a need to help students learn and develop their own skills.

I think students have individual learning needs and it's the tutors role to identify those needs and help the students develop their learning and find a positive way of learning.

I hope to teach students skills to use throughout their learning journey and find enjoyment in reading and learning.


Masters in Secondary Teaching from the University of Western Sydney (2011)

Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Sydney (2010)
Double Major -
1. History, Politics and Philosophy
2. English Text and Writing

Sub Major -
Social and Cultural Analysis

TESOL Certificate from Griffith University, Queensland in order to teach English as an Additional Language (2020)


  • Reading
  • Traveling


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