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Hi! I’m Serine. I graduated high school in 2020 with distinguished marks in all of my subjects and a 99+ ATAR. Offering assistance for all things tutoring related!

All my students have achieved full or near perfect marks with my assistance. I can guarantee that you will see a difference with my guidance.

For Year 11 and 12 students: I was part of the first cohort to navigate the new ATAR system in Queensland and have invaluable first-hand experience to help you nail those assignments and smash the external exams.

I tutor in the following areas:
- English, Literature - all grades up to Year 12
- Chemistry - all grades up to Year 12
- Math Methods - all grades up to Year 11
- General Science subjects - all grades up to Year 10
- Close proofreading (e.g Science EEI’s, Math reports, History essays) - all grades, any assignment
- ACT Exam - I scored in the 99th percentile on my first attempt in the 11th grade


  • - 5x Dux of Year
  • - Academic Medallist (highest academic accolade) throughout all of high school
  • - 99+ ATAR (OP1 equivalent)
  • - Queensland Certificate of Academic Commendation for 6 straight As in Year 12 QCE Subjects (2020)
  • - Published science researcher, 18-month research intern, conference presenter for Centre for Children’s Health Research Allergy Research Group
  • - 1st in Queensland in Subject of Year 12 English (2020)
  • - School’s internal highest scorer in Subject of Year 12 Literature (2020)
  • - Young Writers’ Award (2018)
  • - Award-winning writer for non-fiction prose, English Teachers’ Association of Queensland Literary Competition (2020)
  • - School internal perfect scorer in Subject of Year 12 Chemistry (2020)
  • - National Finalist in International Math Modelling Challenge (2019)
  • - The University of Sydney Dalyell Scholar recipient (2020)
  • - Nominee and successful applicant for competitive enriched UQ Math Summer School program (2019)
  • - School-nominated competitor in the Australian Mathematics Competition (2020)
  • - World’s 99th percentile scorer in 1st attempt of the ACT Exam
  • - World’s 99th percentile scorer in 1st attempt of the SAT Exam


Year 12 completed in 2020.
Mark achieved: N/A.
Currently studying Undecided.


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I offer online tutoring (preferable option) via Zoom - please contact me for arrangements. I am more than happy to have a free first consultation via phone call to discuss what you specifically need help with.