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ATAR of 99.65| HSC Physics, Maths, Japanese Tutoring |

Hi! I recently graduated with an ATAR of 99.65 from Sydney Girls High School. Having recognised the nuances of the HSC course, I understand what is required of students to rise above and beyond the classroom curriculum and achieve outstanding marks. I am eager to offer private tutoring services to share this knowledge with you to ensure you achieve your best outcomes possible!

I am currently offering Year 12 tutoring services for HSC level Physics, Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics, Extension 2, Japanese Continuers, and Japanese Extension. I am also available to assist students of Years 7-11 in their studies for the same subjects.

My Credentials:
- ATAR of 99.65
- HSC All-rounder (Band 6 in all subjects)
- 1st in Physics internally
- Attended USYD’s Gifted and Talented Discovery Program
- 1st in Maths Advanced internally in Year 11
- 4th in Maths Extension 1 internally
- 5th in Maths Extension 2 internally
- 5th in Japanese Continuers internally
- 2nd in Japanese Extension internally

As part of the cohort who experienced syllabi change in many subjects, I have an in-depth understanding of the content involved in each subject. Not only that, I deeply understand the implications these syllabus changes have on what NESA wants for students and how students should study in face of them. I also have access to a range of resources, notes, and tips I have gathered throughout my HSC year, and would be happy to share them with you!

In all subjects, the needs of the student come first and as such, I will ensure that lessons are conducted in a way to best fulfill your academic needs. This may include teaching the necessary content required from the HSC syllabus, enforcing the application of theory to solidify your conceptual understanding, and/or applying strategies to target weak areas and ensure a holistic mastery of the subject. My main goal is to support you and help you get exam-ready so that you never feel unprepared!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

I credit my results in Physics to my clear and detailed understanding of the syllabus content, which is something I am keen to share with others who may struggle with the complexities of the course. As the foundation of your Physics understanding, knowing your content is one of the most crucial steps to mastering HSC Physics. As your Physics tutor, I can provide teaching sessions to thoroughly go over content in a way that is easy to understand and remember. I can also provide high-quality notes, textbooks, and practice questions! The rate for Physics is $50 per hour.

As someone who scored low marks in Maths throughout my junior years before consistently achieving 90%+ in Year 11 and 12 school exams and attaining HSC marks of 98 and 97 respectively in 3U and 4U, I highly understand both the challenges students face to excel at Maths and the key to overcoming these hurdles. As your Maths tutor, I can reinforce your mathematical knowledge by going through theory, explain the best ways to approach questions for each topic, and go over exam-technique. I can also provide vital tips and tricks that high-achieving students employ in exams for each topic! The rate for either 3U or 4U Maths is $50 per hour.

Studying languages at the HSC level is an amazing opportunity for self-growth, but it involves plentiful practice and time. For Continuers, I am available to mark any writing pieces you may have and host conversational speaking sessions. As part of the first cohort to encounter the new Japanese Extension syllabus, I am available to assist your studies in whatever way possible to ensure you have a firm foundation in the subject and am also available for writing marking. The rate for either Japanese Continuers or Extension is $40 per hour.


Year 12 completed in 2020.
Mark achieved: 99.65 (verified).
Currently studying Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Mechanical Engineering)(Space) at The University of Sydney.


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