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99.90 ATAR | Raw 50s + Premier’s Award | BMedSci/MD | 200+ hours tutoring experience

Hi everyone, I graduated as the 2020 dux of St Kevin’s College with an ATAR of 99.90, and perfect scores of 50 in Chemistry and English. Currently, I'm studying Medicine at Monash University. I'm glad to be offering private tutoring for VCE Chemistry, as well as English and Maths for all year levels. I have 200+ hours of tutoring experience.

My VCE raw scores were:
• 50 Chemistry + VCE Premier's Award (Top 4 students across Victoria)
• 50 English
• 45 Maths methods
• 41 Specialist maths
• 44 Biology
• 46 Accounting

I am passionate about all my subjects so feel free to enquire about any of them.

My goal is really to have you doing your very best and feeling confident in your abilities, whilst keeping learning enjoyable (as it should be). I put a big focus on breaking down complex concepts into simple and easy to follow ideas - I want you to understand, rather than memorise, as this will allow you to do even the hardest questions. I offer:

✅ Structured lesson plans that will make your learning as streamline as possible
✅ Detailed notes
✅ Question banks
✅ Practice SACs (written by me and by companies)
✅ Mock exams (heaps of them)
✅ Effective study techniques
✅ Med entry guidance (UCAT/interviews)
✅ Everything else that I found useful in year 12

Students often feel swamped with content in chemistry, but I think that the amount of content isn't too much of an issue. The reason students struggle to keep up in chemistry is that they often brush over the basics. The VCE study design presents content in a cumulative way, with new ideas being built upon older ones. So, if you don’t get these basics, it’s almost impossible to stay on track. But if you do understand the fundamentals of a topic, everything else you learn in relation to that topic should just fall right into place! For this reason, I didn’t put a huge amount of time into chemistry during year 12, but it ended up being my best subject. I’ll do my very best to solidify your understanding and streamline chemistry for you.

English is probably one of the hardest VCE subjects. If you’re a maths-sciency kid like me, being forced to have English in your top 4 can feel like a huge weight on your atar. Fortunately, my high school was Victoria’s best-performing high school in English, and so there I was taught the easiest and most efficient ways to approach the subject. Essay writing became very logical and systematic, allowing me to pretty much write the same thing in every essay. As an English tutor, I hope to have you formulating insightful ideas, and then presenting those ideas in a similarly logical and structured way.

• 1 on 1: $55 /hr
• Group sessions: $35 /pp /hr
Sessions can be face to face or via Zoom.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any queries you may have :)



  • 99.90 ATAR
  • Dux of St Kevin's College
  • Dux of English (2020)
  • Dux of Chemistry (2020)
  • Dux of Accounting (2019)
  • Offered Chancellor's Scholarship at The University of Melbourne
  • Offered two undergraduate medicine places across Australia
  • VCE Premier's Award in Chemistry


Year 12 completed in 2020.
Mark achieved: 99.90 (verified).
Currently studying Bachelor of Medical Science/Doctor of Medicine at Monash University.


Going into year 12 I was nervous about chemistry because I didn't do very well in year 11. I've been doing classes with Huey since the start of the year and I can honestly say that he has made me feel a lot better about the subject. Huey offers clear explanations that are easy to follow, and the questions that we do in class are always similar to the ones on my sacs. I definitely wouldn't be doing this well in chem without his help. He knows the chemistry course in and out, definitely one of the best tutors out there.
- By Kim L on 29th July 2021

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