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Hello! My name is Thomas Williams and I graduated from St Kevin's College Toorak in 2020 with an ATAR of 98.50.

Currently, I am studying a Bachelor of Arts followed by a Juris Doctor at the University of Melbourne and I am a recipient of the prestigious Melbourne Chancellor's Scholarship.

I offer VCE tutoring for:
- English
- French
- Specialist Mathematics
- Mathematical Methods
- Global Politics

Despite specialising in VCE tutoring, I am more than willing to support the learning of all students from Year 7 upwards in the areas of English, French and Mathematics. I am a passionate and enthusiastic learner who always has a keen eye on looking to improve the study habits and work ethic of fellow students. I firmly believe that no student is incapable of achieving their goals and thus encourage my students to foster an optimistic outlook on their studies which allows for both better scores and a better overall VCE experience. Having recently experienced the tumultuous nature of completing my VCE in 2020, I am armed with the valuable experience of recovering from downfalls and can impart this wisdom and knowledge onto my students. Additionally, I am equipped with the skills to provide tailored assistance to students who are struggling in a particular subject area and to those struggling for motivation in their studies. Despite the uncertainty of 2020, I was renowned by both staff and students at the college for my ability to maintain focus on my studies and to motivate and support the academic repertoire of my peers.

Specifically, I specialise in English and humanities-based subjects where I can both motivate students and ensure that their writing fulfils the specific criteria that lends itself to achieving the highest possible score on the examination. Given the difficulties associated with succeeding in English, I can provide valuable resources and tips for those struggling in both the Text Response and Language Analysis areas of the examination. As such, I can offer an easy-to-follow methodology which allows students to improve their structure, sentence construction and general analytical arsenal as I seek to enable students to work hard and improve their writing.

Whist I love the classroom, my passion for English extends beyond school. I am a keen journalist and currently freelance for Kick360, an Australian website that focuses on football. However, my love for writing and journalism extends beyond a sports setting as I have also demonstrated my passion for social justice issues by contributing to articles published in 'Independent Australia' - an online journal that offers free and independent journalism. Moreover, I am an avid orator given that I was involved in both Debating and Public Speaking - competing at a state and national level. I was a key figure in the St Kevin's College debating team that progressed to the State Quarter-Finals in both 2018 and 2020. In both of these successful years of debating, I was awarded a Swannie Award by the Debaters' Association of Victoria that recognised me as the Best Debater in the Region. My sheer experience and success in the oratorical field underscores my love for writing and public speaking. Thus, I believe I would make a great tutor in these subject domains, particularly for those struggling to motivate themselves.

Despite specialising in English, I have a genuine passion for seeing others succeed in mathematics and believe that everybody is capable of significantly improving their proficiency in this field. Specifically, I can turn to my own experience of not enjoying maths when I began secondary school to empathise with those struggling to understand the intricacies of the subject. Having completed Specialist Mathematics and Mathematical Methods in VCE, I have vast experience in this subject area and can provide students tips and tricks to ameliorate their mathematical repertoire. Additionally, I am a specialist in the use of the CAS Calculator and can provide vital strategies and tricks to both save time and salvage crucial marks in the notorious 'Exam 2'.

Moreover, I am a lover of all things to do with French language and French culture. Despite not possessing a native speaking background, my own sheer desire and willingness to succeed in and learn another language allowed me to gain professional proficiency in both spoken and written French. Whilst not being a native speaker may be seen as a downside at first glance, I believe it underscores my tutoring credentials in that I am capable of taking students from square one to fluent French, so long as they are willing to commit themselves to learning a 2nd language. Despite many lamenting the supposedly mundane nature of learning a language in VCE, I can draw on my personal experience of becoming fluent in French to encourage others to enjoy the difficulties and hardships that come with learning a 2nd language. As such, I can provide valuable resources for improving both spoken and written French, including important phrases and techniques regarding the tricky subjunctive mood. Additionally, I have completed an exchange in France which involved me staying with a host family in Orléans. This experience allowed me to become better equipped to assist those struggling with the intricacies of the French language including pronunciation and complex tenses.

For Global Politics, I can provide students a wide range of resources including personalised study documents that fully outline and answer the questions raised on the Study Design. Whilst specialising in Australia's power in the Asia-Pacific for Unit 3.2 as well as Human Rights, Armed Conflict and Terrorism in Unit 4, I am more than happy to familiarise myself with other electives in the Global Politics course as a means of catering to the specific needs of my students. Additionally, I take a deep interest in contemporary global affairs and can therefore provide multiple case studies which can prove extremely valuable for students wishing to succeed in Global Politics.

Ultimately as a tutor, I will be patient and compassionate to all students while ensuring I cater to the specific needs of students of varying abilities - knowing when to both challenge and support students. Additionally, I will ensure that every student is at ease with me as I seek to promote a comfortable learning environment. Lastly and needless to say, I will ensure that all students have fun in my classes as I firmly believe that enjoyment is a direct catalyst for succeeding in VCE and beyond.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Thank you!


  • Aidan McCann Memorial Award, St Kevin's College [2020]
  • Swannie Award, Debaters' Association of Victoria [2020]
  • Academic Excellence, St Kevin's College [2019]
  • Swannie Award, Debaters' Association of Victoria [2018]


Year 12 completed in 2020.
Mark achieved: 98.50 (verified).
Currently studying Bachelor of Arts at University of Melbourne.


  • Public Speaking and Debating
  • AFL
  • English Premier League
  • Contemporary Political Affairs


Character references

As someone who studied alongside Tom throughout Year 12, I can confidently say that Tom not only possesses the skills and expertise integral to the tutoring on offer, but also exudes a passion that elevates what can sometimes be arduous subject matter.

On a personal level, our frequent discussions of English texts and essays culminated in the derivation of unique ideas and high-scoring answer pathways. Equally significant, however, was the manner in which such discussions – in multiple academic fields – also extended beyond the limiting scope of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority. In this way, Tom excels in finding tangible meaning in VCE subjects; ensuring that students can not only reach their academic potential, but also inherit a more comprehensive understanding of the world in which they live.

To that end, I would highly recommend that any students seeking tutoring in English, Global Politics, French or Mathematics opt for Tom’s assistance. His intelligence, insight, impassioned approach to academic studies and unwavering commitment to friends and students will put anyone in good stead!
- By William Maligin on 5th January 2021


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I am happy to travel to students but can also tutor at the State Library of Victoria. Given that I study at the University of Melbourne, I can also tutor near the Parkville campus of the university. Ultimately however, I am very flexible and would never pass on the opportunity to tutor somebody based on their proximity to me! Please feel free to contact me regarding your availability and I will be able to accommodate you!