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Hi there, I'm Alyssa! I graduated with an ATAR of 98.70 from Abbotsleigh and will be studying Laws/Arts at the ANU in 2021.

I am a HSC All-Rounder, having achieved a Band 6 in Ancient History, Modern History, Business Studies, English Advanced, English Extension 1 and English Extension 2. As I graduated in 2020, I have new syllabus experience.

I offer online tutoring in English from Years 7-12, having internally ranked 1st in English Extension 1 in Year 11 and 1st in English Extension 2 in Year 12. I also offer dedicated online tutoring in History from Years 7-12, in both Modern and Ancient History, internally ranking 2nd in Modern History and 4th in Ancient History in Year 12. Lastly, I tutor Business Studies in Years 11-12.

As everyone learns differently, I truly value personalising my online lessons to suit a student's individual needs. For some, a focus on effectively explaining the concepts of the syllabus is vital in strengthening their understanding of the subject. Meanwhile, for others, working through past exam papers to more holistically develop their essay-writing skills can be more efficient.

Beyond online tutoring, I am more than happy to receive essays and other written works in English, History and Business Studies to review and return with thorough feedback. I am also able to provide my own resources such as my personal notes, essays and past papers upon request.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!


  • English Advanced 93/100
  • English Extension 1 47/50
  • English Extension 2 48/50
  • Modern History 96/100
  • Ancient History 94/100
  • Business Studies 92/100
  • 1st in English Extension 1 - Year 11
  • 1st in English Extension 2 - Year 12
  • 2nd in Modern History - Year 12
  • 4th in Ancient History - Year 12
  • 6th in Business Studies - Year 12
  • HSC All-Rounder
  • Year 12 Honours Award (top 10%)


Year 12 completed in 2020.
Mark achieved: 98.70 (verified).
Currently studying Bachelor of Laws/Arts.


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