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Hello! My name is Nikka and I'm a medical student at the University of Melbourne.

I have provided tuition to over 40 students ranging from year 6 to year 12 since I began tutoring in 2016, in conjunction with my university studies. This has enabled me to understand the needs of each of my students and respect their individuality when tutoring them. My primary objective is to cater to the personal requirements of each of my students by tailoring sessions to the student's areas of difficulty and ways in which they learn best.

Having completed year 12 English in 2015 with a raw study score of 43, I can offer students good advice on how to get the most out of their study, and share with them how I was able to excel. I believe that I will be more relatable to students as I have recently finished VCE, and therefore am able to understand them and help them individually not only in English, but in the way they approach study as a whole. The way in which a student studies and what they dedicate their time to in this significant time in their schooling truly dictates whether they come out triumphant, and I aim to ensure the success of my students in English, and instil in them the confidence they need to enjoy English as much as I did in VCE.

I have retained all of my notes and resources from Year 12, which include 25+ A+ level essays(marked against the VCAA rubric), as well as my actual annotated English exam from 2015. In addition to my own notes from year 12, I offer a multitude of additional resources I have created over the course of my tutoring experience for my students to help with revision for the exam as well as fine-tuning specific skills needed to succeed in English.


  • - Research Assistant, University of Melbourne (2019 - Present)
  • - Peer Mentor and Academic Support Worker, University of Melbourne (2019)
  • - Honours student, Department of General Practice, University of Melbourne (2019)
  • - Volunteer, St. Vincent's Hospital Fitzroy (2016 - 2017)
  • - 2nd state prize recipient, Dante Alighieri Original Discorso Competition (2015)


Year 12 completed in 2015.
Mark achieved: 90.40.
Currently studying Doctor of Medicine at University of Melbourne.


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Nikka is the sweetest and most encouraging tutor I've ever had. She was very helpful to me throughout the year and every lesson was always so productive and I always got alot out of it. Without her Year 12 english would've been way too difficult for me. Highly recommended!!!
- By Claire on 13th October 2019

Nikka has been extremely helpful this year! Her tailored approach has allowed me to hone in on problem areas in English and gain a liking for the subject. Her care, kindness and understanding has created a positive environment conducive to effective and efficient learning. Additionally, she has provided support outside the classroom sharing her advice on VCE, university courses and admissions processes.
Highly Recommended! :))))
- By Jonathan Jorquera on 15th November 2018

Nikka has been super helpful with not only being very knowledgeable and kind to help with English but also with giving great advice and motivation on getting through year 12. She has been so dedicated and caring to our tutoring group, highly recommend her!!
- By Acqua on 7th November 2018

Nikka has been amazing! As someone who never liked English and never did well in English she inspired me to work harder and changed my outlook on English and achieve a study score I never imagined I could achieve! Not only is she amazing at english and helping others learn she is also such a kind hearted person, so sweet and caring, putting in so much time for all her students :) highly recommend xx
- By Emmy Alford on 8th January 2018

Nikka has been so helpful this year with English, and I'm so grateful to have found her! She is extremely kind and intelligent, caters to individual needs, and is always eager to help, even outside of the lessons! Would highly recommend her :)
- By Nadia on 25th November 2017

Nikka was an amazing help to me this year in Year 12.
She is kind, informative and dedicated. I began VCE english with no confidence in my abilities, however she gave me strength and courage to succeed in Year 12, and do the best that I could.
She was also available to help me outside of our tutoring hours, such as marking my essays over email. As she recently completed VCE, Nikka knew the best study and exam techniques, making our sessions always relevant and helpful. She made our sessions enjoyable and engaging, encouraging me to study and perform well throughout the year. I would recommend Nikka to all other students.
Thank you Nikka!
- By Bonnie Murray on 15th November 2017

Nikka provides an outstanding tuition service!

I was one of her students during my year 12 in 2016 and her extensive knowledge of the course and exceptional notes really helped me throughout the year.
By working with her I was able to raise my grades, achieve an ATAR higher than I expected and be excepted into my dream course for university!

Highly recommend!!
- By Naryman on 31st January 2017

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