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Hi, I’m Suchitha! I recently graduated from Strathfield Girls High School and would love to help you on your journey to improving your marks in Biology and Chemistry! I have completed the HSC courses for the new syllabus in the subjects Biology, Chemistry, Software Design and Development, English Advanced, Mathematics Advanced and Extension 1. Throughout high school I’ve always had a passion for Science which led me to undertaking the HSC courses for Biology and Chemistry!

I offer online and face-to-face tutoring services in the subjects:

- Biology
- Chemistry

I am extremely thorough with the new syllabus content for both Chemistry and Biology and have also adapted valuable skills in preparing for any type of question that may be thrown at you during your HSC exams. Having dealt with the high pressure and challenges that come along with the HSC I can provide guidance and support to my students and motivate them continuously in getting through this difficult time.

-Biology Tutoring-

Biology was my strongest subject and in my HSC year I ranked 2nd in my trial exams and overall placed 1st in my grade for Biology.

By taking this subject, I understand how content heavy the subject is and that it can get difficult to remember every detail, becoming overwhelming for many students! However, I am able to provide you with my own concise notes as well as strategies to be able to understand and comprehend key points in the syllabus, making your study more efficient and useful. Rather than simply memorising loads of content, my approach focuses on understanding the content first, and being able to answer a range of question types based on what you have understood. I believe that the greater understanding you have of a concept, the easier it is to remember and the easier you will be able to answer any type of question in the HSC. I would love to be able to share these valuable strategies with you as well as a range of practice papers from different schools that are tailored for the new syllabus. I also would love to share my own HSC notes and textbooks with you to deepen your understanding of the subject.

Lessons will be tailored for you in order to focus in any weaknesses first. I am also able to help you with your depth studies as I gained full marks in my HSC depth study and can also help you with preparing for all exams in advance by providing you with the best resources!

-Chemistry Tutoring-

I have a great passion for Chemistry and enjoyed it very much throughout my HSC. In assessment tasks 1, 2 and 3 I gained an overall rank of 2nd in my cohort and gained a final rank of 5th in the subject.

For this subject I believe that a strong foundation in all the key concepts and the basics is essential to be able to excel. After ensuring my students have a deeper understanding, I will continue to help them in progressing towards comprehending more difficult concepts, ensuring that we cover every dot point in the syllabus. I usually like to stay ahead of school in terms of content as it gives you an idea of what is next and will enable you to strengthen your knowledge on what you already have learnt, building confidence within you. Lessons will be tailored in order to suit you, ensuring that all your areas of weakness have been tackled. I am more than happy to help with your depth studies as well as I ranked 1st in my cohort for our depth study assessment task. I have plenty of resources including textbooks and past papers for the new syllabus in order to prepare you thoroughly for all exams and assessment tasks.

I am always available outside of lessons to ask questions and any queries if necessary! Feel free to get in touch and I look forward to hearing from you soon! Good Luck!


  • Placed First in cohort HSC Biology


Year 12 student.
Currently studying at Strathfield Girls High School.


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