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Your friendly on the call tutor!

VCE can be so hard sometimes (I know this well as a 2020 graduate). Even though I'm new to tutoring, I've been tutored for nearly all my 6 years of high school so I know exactly what makes a good tutor :)

I've got an infectious passion for my subject and I hope I can inspire the same in you. I understand that everyone learns different and I'll be flexible and accommodate to how you learn!

Please message me if you're interested allowing me to help you achieve your full potential! Or just for a chat xD I'm always up to talk about books, dramas, literature and all things science (because we're nerdy and proud like that)


  • National youth science forum alumni
  • 2019 out loud slam poetry champion
  • 2019 RACI titration silver medalist
  • Ted talk representing migrant experience
  • Young leaders graduate from city council
  • Produced ad campaign against family violence


Recent graduate from Nossal High school with a passion for teaching.
Cons: first time tutor
Pros: Just experienced the high school system so everything fresh in my mind and I'm familiar with the study design.
Super friendly and can offer study tips as well as general VCAA application advice :)

My philosophy is that I'll help you achieve your full potential and complement your teachers' lessons, not spoon feed you information, rather we'll ensure you genuinely understand the contents.

I LOVE all the subjects I do and I hope I can inspire a similar passion in you <3


  • Reading
  • Board games
  • Slam poetry
  • Musicals
  • Audio dramas/podcasts


Character references

Amy is a passionate, enthusiastic and very bright girl. Not only does she know every little detail of the content but she also has many tricks to help you memorise it yourself! She will bring energy to every session and make you want to learn the content because she has made it fun. Amy is very dedicated to her work and an incredibly hard working girl. It was a pleasure to tutor Amy myself, and I know anyone would be lucky to have the opportunity to be tutored by her.
- By Aly Engelman on 8th December 2020


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