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I completed my HSC in 2015, achieving the maximum ATAR of 99.95, and State Ranks in Economics (1st in NSW) and Chemistry (20th in NSW).

I also achieved marks of 99 in Mathematics (2U), 48/50 for Mathematics Extension 1, and 95 for Physics.

I hold a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) degree from the University of Sydney, majoring in Biochemistry and Pharmacology (HD average). This included 2 years of advanced chemistry subjects, which I am able to draw upon to more effectively teach and explain HSC chemistry.

I am currently studying a Doctor of Medicine (MD) at the University of Sydney as a postgraduate student.

I have been tutoring HSC subjects for over 6 years, both privately and with a leading tutoring college, where I led their HSC Economics class.

I am offering 1 on 1 tuition for Preliminary and HSC Mathematics (advanced, extension 1 on request), Chemistry and Economics. I also offer Yr 7-10 mathematics and science. Pricing differs between year group and subject tutored, so please contact me for more information if interested.

Our tutorials will be tailored specifically to your needs, and I will focus on helping you develop a strong understanding of the concepts behind the content, as well as helping you improve exam and study technique. Whether you are struggling and need individual help; you want to jump up to the next band; or you are looking for maximum marks; I will tailor my lessons to your needs.

With COVID, I have successfully transitioned my lessons to Zoom. I am able to draw on my laptop and use it as a whiteboard which has been very useful. Almost all of my students have chosen to stay with zoom lessons long term; demonstrating the effectiveness of 1:1 online tutoring with me.

If face to face are preferred in future, I am based very close to Edgecliff station (less than 5 minutes walk).

I look forward to helping you with your studies!

Adam :)


  • 2015 ATAR: 99.95
  • 1st in Economics NSW
  • 20th in Chemistry NSW
  • 99 in Mathematics (2 unit)
  • 95 in Physics (1st internally)
  • Dux of School Yr's 9, 10 and 12
  • 1st in Science Yr's 8-12 (including Yr 11/12 Chemistry, Yr 11 Biology and Yr 11/12 Physics)
  • Bachelor of Science (Advanced)


Year 12 completed in 2015.
Mark achieved: 99.95 (verified).
Currently studying Doctor of Medicine at The University of Sydney.


  • Various Sports
  • Music
  • Hiking


Adam is an awesome tutor who really knows his stuff. He keeps up to date with the latest developments in the global economy, and his suggestions about how to improve my essays with topical issues were really helpful. He knows exactly what the markers are looking for with short answers and is also an expert regarding essay structure and content.
- By Max C on 21st December 2020

Adam was an invaluable asset to me as a tutor last year as I completed accelerated advanced mathematics. After a poor result before my trial, before which I’d consulted another tutoring company that was unable to clarify anything and left me feeling more confused than when I had arrived, I tried Adam’s tutoring services. He is refreshingly organised, direct, patient and exceptionally knowledgeable. Adam consistently answered whatever questions I threw at him with an extraordinary understanding of the subject. These services were a comfort in the stress of HSC lead-up. Our sessions vastly improved my confidence and understanding, and the regularity of them in itself helped my organisation. After resigning myself to the likelihood that I wouldn’t be counting this subject, I achieved a band 6 result that wouldn’t have been possible without the improvement Adam facilitated. I highly recommend his services.

Jem, Oxford Falls Grammar, 2019.
- By Jem on 12th January 2020

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