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95+ ATAR HSC || Distinction Average USYD || Work as an experienced Scientific Researcher ||

Hey there! I’m Markus and am very interested in offering tutoring sessions to anyone in need of help with mathematics or science (or both) at any year of their schooling.

I graduated from Sydney Grammar School in 2018 and am now currently in my second year at the University of Sydney studying a Bachelor of Science and Advanced Studies (Honours) double majoring in Pharmacology and Immunology.
I also have been working for 1.5+ years as an independent researcher at the University’s Lens-Laboratory as part of a team of PhD students.

Overall goal/aim:

Being a very passionate student of science and highly proficient in mathematics I hope to share my passion and give as much assistance possible to anyone who needs it. I personally believe a thorough understanding of the concepts/theory reinforced with practice questions and trial exams is key to achieving success in these fields.

I totally understand that everyone learns at their own pace and would work closely with each student to customise the lessons to suit their style. I am a strong advocate of the visual-learning approach and for that reason would always be prepared to explain concepts using images and diagrams on top of discussing it. I also firmly prescribe to the idea that one can never ask a stupid question or too many questions and thus should never be scared to ask because questioning is the only way to make sense of things you may not have fully grasped just yet.

My principal ideology has always been to work smart so that you use your time most efficiently and I believe I can also help others learn this.


  • Overall scored a 95+ ATAR
  • Distinction average at the University of Sydney
  • On the HSC Honour Roll
  • Awarded the "Science High Achiever's Scholarship" from the University of Technology, Sydney


Year 12 completed in 2018.
Mark achieved: 96.15.
Currently studying Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (majoring in Pharmacology and Immunology) at The University of Sydney.


  • Football (soccer) + Futsal
  • Climbing (bouldering)
  • Pool
  • Boxing
  • Music
  • Movies + TV shows


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