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Hi! I’m a first-year scholarship student studying Mathematics and Advanced Physics at the University of Melbourne, with ATAR-guaranteed entry into a Juris Doctor of Law (my ATAR is 99+, feel free to message for proof). I graduated from Brisbane Girls Grammar School with all straight As throughout Year 7 to Year 12. I'm an avid lover of mathematics and physics, and am especially interested in olympiad-style mathematics, having been invited to multiple national-level maths and physics olympiads myself. In 2021, I attended the National Mathematics Summer School as an invitee, and in 2019, I competed nationally in the International Youth Physicists’ Tournament Australian competition. Earlier this year, I was invited as a guest lecturer for the Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee, which I had been invited to since 2018.

For me, what differentiates subjects like mathematics and physics from other subjects have is the deeper conceptual understanding required for the former, compared to straight rote learning - something I always tend to avoid, if possible. I find that simply memorising a set of definitions and formulae is never an effective method of learning, which is why I always aim to truly comprehend a topic, and this, I have learnt, is vital for solving the complex problem-solving problems teachers love to stick on the end of tests. I’m also passionate about mentoring students beyond the textbook syllabus, and will actively seek academic opportunities for my students to expand their expertise.

Apart from maths and physics, I’m heavily interested in politics and debating, having been involved in the political sphere since 2020, and coached high school debating in the same year. In 2021, I was elected Youth Member of my electorate, and held a seat in the Queensland Youth Parliament. I also enjoy volleyball, and play socially with my friends each weekend. In 2021, I was elected as my high school’s Volleyball Captain, and founded and organised a Social Volleyball Tournament that has since inspired similar tournaments in other sports. As well as guiding academically, I hope to develop my students’ leadership abilities, and provide networking opportunities where I can with the connections I have built up in several fields.

I have 3 years of tutoring experience. Subjects I offer tutoring in:
- Specialist Mathematics: Outside of my extensive background in competitive mathematics, I’m also currently undertaking (and have been elected Class Representative of) Accelerated Mathematics at university, which is notoriously known for being the most difficult subject at the University of Melbourne. As a tutor, I hope to relay some of the insight from this class to your understanding of Specialist Mathematics.
- Olympiad Mathematics (different pricing applies)
- Physics (my raw Physics ATAR score is 96/100)
- English (my raw English ATAR score is 97/100)

I can also tutor:
- Chemistry
- Mathematical Methods
- Japanese: Having lived and attended high school in Japan for three months, I’ve gained a complex understanding for the nuances of the language and culture, and currently hold a JLPT N3-N2 proficiency of the language.

I only offer online tutoring through Zoom.


  • 2nd Place in Queensland for Mathematics, 2021 QAMT Problem Solving Competition
  • 2020 Australian Mathematics Olympiad Committee Senior Contest
  • High Distinction, 2020 Australian Physics Olympiad
  • 3rd Place in Queensland for Mathematics, 2020 QAMT Problem Solving Competition
  • 2020 Australian Mathematics Olympiad
  • 2019 Australian Mathematics Olympiad Committee Senior Contest
  • Distinction in 2019 Australian Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad
  • 2nd Place in Queensland for Japanese, 2019 MLTAQ Speech Competition
  • 2019 Maisie Duncan Prize for Japanese
  • High Distinction, 2019 Australian Mathematics Competition


Year 12 completed in 2021.
Mark achieved: N/A.
Currently studying Pure Mathematics.


  • Volleyball
  • Poetry
  • Music
  • Reading
  • Philosophy


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