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//99.90//3100 UCAT// Chemistry, Physics, Methods, Specialists, UCAT.

Hi! My name is Thomas Love and I am a hardworking, motivated young man who'll be committed to helping you achieve your best in school. I will provide you with a structured, concise working environment along with access to my in depth year 11/year 12 notes, practice questions, tests and exams. I am very open and will be more than happy to discuss plans for upcoming sessions via text message or phone call so we can use the tutoring time to the fullest.

This year, I completed my studies (Scaled scores) in Chemistry (94%), Physics (93%), Maths methods (95%) and Maths specialists (96%) in year 12 at Hale School. In 2019, I completed an IGCSE O level in mathematics with an A star grade. I sat the UCAT in July 2020 and achieved a score of 3100. I received an ATAR of 99.90

Thanks very much again for considering me to help you achieve your full potential in school. I am looking forward to hearing from you if you decide to contact me and if you don't, I wish you the best of luck for your school and for the future. :)


  • (2018) Australian Mathematics Competition prize
  • (2018) Awarded academic achievement symbols
  • (2019) Australian Mathematics Competition high distinction + best in school
  • (2019) Australians Science Olympiad - Chemistry - Distinction
  • (2019) RACI Australian National Chemistry Quiz high distinction
  • (2019) Year 11 Chemistry prize
  • (2019) Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics O Level A star
  • (2020) Australian Mathematics Competition high distinction + best in school
  • (2020) Year 12 Chemistry prize
  • (2020) Year 12 Physics prize
  • (2020) Awarded academic achievement colours
  • (2020) Dr KG Tregonning prize for maintaining high academic achievement and being a leader in co-curricular affairs


Year 12 student.


  • Playing/Watching/Refereeing volleyball
  • Looking after my pet snake
  • Playing MarioKart
  • Chatting/meeting with friends


Character references

Thomas has an impressive balance of subject knowledge and relatability that is required to make a great tutor. He was structured and consistent in his approach to his school work and I believe he would transfer his knowledge in the same manner. Thomas' organisation and responsible nature are excellent characteristics to role model for young students and I see great potential for him as a tutor.
- By Charlie Liggins on 30th November 2020


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