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Currently offering PHYSICS HOLIDAY ACCELERATED COURSES | 99.85 ATAR | UNSW Medicine Class of 2025 | HSC Physics tutoring | HSC Maths tutoring 3U/4U | Medicine application advice

Hey there, I'm Victor, a first-year medic at UNSW. I graduated North Sydney Boys in 2019 with 99.85 ATAR. I am offering flexible lesson schedules, tailoring tutoring around my students to build a collaborative and interactive teaching environment that motivates them.

CURRENTLY OFFERING: for students in Yr11 moving up to year 12, or students in Yr12 looking for a syllabus rerun for Physics HSC, I am offering a comprehensive 4-week HSC course running through all HSC content (running during summer holidays or upon request). This is perfect for students wanting to finish studying an entire subject to be ahead of school, that way you can revise the entire course throughout 2022 at school.

2019 HSC results:
99.85 ATAR
English Adv -- 93
Maths 3U -- 99
Maths 4U -- 98
Physics -- 96
Economics -- 93
2017 HSC results:
IPT -- 96

About me:
I have over 3 years of teaching experience, first with selective, then private Year 7/8 tutoring and now as a private HSC tutor. This, paired with my own experiences as a pupil in the tutoring sphere and at the premier boys' school in NSW means that I have a diverse insight into what works for students at any level of learning. For example, I am a proponent of study groups (StudyGroups executive at NSBHS), but only as a revision and consolidation tool. This is why I offer group tuition for test preparation, as well as private teaching.

It is my belief that a tutor should not only teach content but also guide the student on some of the most crucial years of their lives. As a recent graduate, I am well acquainted with the current university and careers ecosystem, particularly concerning medicine applications, but also UNSW Co-op and other scholarships. That is why I also offer a free consultation trial for students, where we can discuss your goals and current standings, to find the most efficient, straightforward path to reach your dreams.

Teaching style (by subject):
Maths: My maths teaching is based on previous learning at NSBHS (top B6/E4 rate in Maths) and Dr Du Education A1 class, using a variety of resources (past papers, homework I found effective from my HSC study, my selected textbook work). The teaching revolves around 3 tenets: Learning mathematical skills, Constant revision and recall, and Test techniques (avoiding silly mistakes + thinking on your feet).

Physics/Science: My science teaching approach is based on learning at NSBHS and experience at tutoring centres (Zhang's, Dr Du). As a 2019 graduate, I am well acquainted with the new syllabus demands, which is why my teaching focusses on the Scientific method, as well as Learning Physics content, and Writing short/extended response answers concisely and effortlessly.

English: I currently offer English essay marking services, for the $60/essay. My English teaching experience stems from peer teaching in Year 11/12, exchanging and giving feedback on essays between mates at NSB. My English marking focusses on providing constructive feedback and helping students rewrite essays, with particular emphasis on logical structure and conciseness.

Interview/Application training: My experience for interviews and applications come from applying to over 10 different medical/dentistry programs across Australia, as well as MedEntry courses. Whilst I was not successful in all my applications/interviews, the lessons I learnt along the way led to my improved understanding of Medical applications -- ultimately receiving an unbonded offer for UNSW BMed/MD, Kensington. I will pass down my various experiences and resources (including past questions from universities) to help you make the best impression on the day.

Please reach out if you're interested. I would love to meet you and have a chat!


  • All-rounders list 2019
  • Associate, Trinity College London (Flute)
  • 98th percentile UCAT



  • Running
  • Ice skating


Victor helped me with interview practice and was extremely useful in helping me open up to discuss aspects of my life that could be relevant to interviews - that I otherwise would be more uncomfortable thinking about or verbalising. He was willing to open up his own personal experiences to me to make me feel more comfortable doing so myself and was greatly encouraging that allowed me to gain a better grasp of what I could bring into an interview to portray myself in the most positive light. He is a natural teacher and is able to empathise with his students to help them be more comfortable approaching an otherwise difficult task of practising for an interview.
- By Eric on 24th September 2020

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