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Tutoring near Killara, Sydney, NSW & Rose Bay, Sydney, NSW


I have been tutoring for 6+ years, and have had lots of experience tutoring both primary and secondary school students.
My team consists of tutors who have a wealth of tutoring experience, who achieved top marks in HSC/IB, and were accepted into *Oxford University*, *Ivy League Colleges in the US* and top programs in Australia including *Medicine* and *Law*. Our range of tutors enables us to employ the specialisations and strengths of each tutor to best support and guide our students. As part of a tutoring start-up, we are able to provide our students with the benefits of individualised private tutoring, combined with additional resources and support from a team of tutors that help to supplement the learning of our students.

Some of our subjects on offer are:
- IB: English literature + language and literature, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, French, Psychology, Music, etc.
- HSC: English of all levels, Maths of all levels, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Business Studies, Legal Studies, Modern History, Ancient History, Latin, etc.
- Years 7-10: English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, Commerce, French, Mandarin, Japanese, Latin, etc.
We currently have a mix of IB, HSC and lower secondary school students, tutoring them in subjects including IB English, IB Economics, IB Maths, HSC Advanced and Extension English, HSC General Maths, Advanced and Extension 1 Maths, HAST exam preparation, Year 9 Maths and English, Year 7 English, Year 10 Science, etc.
- External Testing: We help with LAT, UMAT/UCAT and other entry tests. We also help with college applications (UK and US) and standardised testing including the ACT, SAT and SAT subject tests

Our prices:
Years 7-10 online / in-person: $55/$60 (trial $40/hr)
Years 11-12 online / in-person: $65/$70 (trial $50/hr)


Year 12 completed in 2016.
Mark achieved: 95.00.
Currently studying Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Advanced Studies at The University of Sydney.


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