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ATAR: 99.40

HSC Marks: Maths Ext 1: 99, Maths Ext 2: 96, Chemistry: 94, Physics: 93

School Ranks: Maths Ext 1: 4/126, Maths Ext 2: 5/69, Chemistry: 17/83, Physics: 13/43

Hello! I am a 2019 graduate from North Sydney Girls High School who achieved an ATAR of 99.40. I am offering tutoring mainly for Preliminary (Year 11) and HSC (Year 12) students in Advanced Maths, Maths Ext 1, Chemistry and Physics. Some results from students include Year 11 coming first for Advanced and Ext 1 in the Preliminary Exams, Year 12 student ranking 2nd and 20th for Advanced Ext 1 Maths, and 2 students receiving high Band 5 for Physics.

High schoolers in Year 7-10 who need maths and science tutoring are very welcome too!

Location (negotiable):
Online via Zoom or other negotioable method as I am a medicine student at the Univeristy of Queensland. During breaks, I may return to Sydney and can do F2F.
$50 per hour for Chemistry and Physics, Advanced Maths and Maths Ext 1
$45 per hour for Junior Maths and Science
Group sessions prices are negotiable

I have learnt and have experience tutoring the new syllabus for Preliminary-HSC syllabus for Chemistry, Physics and Advanced Maths, and will aim to teach these subjects in-depth, as well in junior high school science and maths. As I did extremely well in Maths Ext 1 and Ext 2, have numerous resources and refined my studying style, I can assist students in succeeding in Advanced Mathematics up to Ext 2 as I empathise and can provide advice to the daunting nature of a new syllabus. I have also done further mathematics and science in univeristy, and hence have a very deep understanding and passion for mathematics.

During my experience teaching, I have refined chemistry and physics depth studies, resulting in the student ranking first for that assessment internally. I have prepared students to take the physics HSC exam in 2020, where questions I have dicussed appeared in their trials and HSC exam.

What tutoring entails will be up to the students and his/her parents; I can help with homework, team content in pace with school work or accelerated by a few weeks to a term while still providing time for revision to maximise recollection of learnt content. I will also tailor the amount and content of homework according to the level and goals of the student, as well as providing in-depth solutions and direct feed back to student’s performance weekly. I will also offer unlimited help outside of lesson time if the student needs assistance with homework or any confusion/questions come up between scheduled lessons. I am very responsive to emails and text, and will be open to making another social platform if it suits the student(s) better.

Ultimately, I hope my students will gain confidence in not only school work but also be exceptional test-takers by making sure the foundations of knowledge are stable then continue to expand on this knowledge to succeed in their study goals. As a recent graduate, I can empathise with students and attempt to act as not only a teacher, but someone who can motivate them to constantly improve and be proud of their hard work!


  • 99.40 ATAR
  • 99 in Ext 1 Maths
  • 96 in Ext 2 Maths
  • 94 in Chemistry
  • 93 in Physics
  • 89 in Advanced English


Year 12 completed in 2019.
Mark achieved: 99.40.
Currently studying Bachelor of Biomedical Science and Doctor of Medicine.


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