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Hello guys, my name is Michael and I'm from Tianjin, a municipality city in the north part of China. I'm a native Chinese speaker. Lived in Tianjin for eighteen years, I'm fluent in Tianjin dialect as well as Mandarin, which is based on the Northern dialects including Tianjin dialect. So if you want to learn Standard Mandarin or Standard Chinese, I'm glad to give a hand. Besides, I've lived in Chengdu, Szechwan Province (the hometown of Giant Panda and globally popular Szechwan cuisine) for five years, where I picked up some Szechwan dialect. If you're interested in Panda, Szechwan dishes or both, contact me now and I have lots of great stories to share with you! Now, I'm living in Perth and pursuing my Master of Occupational Therapy at Curtin University. I have tutored school students before in China including teaching children Chinese.


Year 12 completed in 2012.
Mark achieved: 95.00.
Currently studying Master at Curtin University of Technology.


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