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I am currently completing my Masters of Teaching (Mathematics) after working in the Engineering and Finance industries.
At school I had a passion for mathematics and have several years experience as a maths tutor all the way up to year 12 HSC preparation.
My tutoring style focuses on helping students gain a genuine understanding of the content they are studying. This is critical to them performing to the best of their abilities under test conditions.
I like to use analogies to help students engage with the subject and focus on stretching their understanding without overwhelming them.


  • UAI 98.80 (NSW mention for 3 unit mathematics)
  • University mathematics (Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering - Honours)
  • Masters of Teaching (Mathematics)
  • Experienced maths tutor


UAI 98.80 (NSW mention for mathematics).
University Mathematics - Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce completed at Sydney University.
Masters of Teaching (Mathematics) at University of New England.
Engineering and Finance corporate experience.


  • Surf lifesaving
  • swimming
  • cricket
  • Athletics
  • Reading


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