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Hi i'm Adam Schmidt! Since graduating in 2018 i've mentored over 50 students and have insider knowledge of the new English syllabus demands from my extensive experience teaching at an English specialist tuition centre.

The subjects that I offer VCE English and VCE English Language.

I wasn't always naturally gifted at English, and scored a shocking 10/15 in my first VCE assessment which held a ranking that gravely disappointed me. As much as this disheartened me, I decided I would be dedicated towards reviving my rank by bombarding my teacher with practice essays upon practice essays - ultimately allowing me to discover the secret to acing VCE English and achieve full marks in every assessment thereafter.
I've been in exactly your position, and know what it takes to perform exceptionally in the VCE.
Here’s what I can do for you:
- I offer

1) 1:1/small group tutoring either in person or through Skype

2) highly extensive essay editing, and

3) provide access to sample full mark essays I, and other state rankers, have personally written for the new school texts free of charge for regular students.
- I have taken the time to rigorously learn the new VCE texts, the approach to excel in the new syllabus and have been mentored by experienced English teachers and tutors, and now hope to pass that knowledge onto you!


Year 12 completed in 2018.
Mark achieved: 96.05.
Currently studying Bachelor of Commerce at University of Melbourne.


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