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Hi I'm Josh and I am studying Commerce at the University of Melbourne, having graduated wiht an ATAR of 97.40 in 2019.

I am offering tutoring for Methods (43) and Specialist maths (41).

[Lessons focused on]
1) Teaching the content clearly and thoroughly until you fully understand it.
2) Going through examples and exam style questions, during which I will guide you through my thought process on how to approach the questions. I will teach you different problem solving techniques and the most efficient ways to solve different questions. This will allow you to comfortably tackle any future questions you encounter.
3) Improving exam technique. This includes teaching you how to reduce silly mistakes and properly set out responses to maximise marks. In Year 11, I got 100% in my exam so I am especially confident I can help you out in this area.
4) Identifying your weaknesses and helping you improve in those areas.
5) Encouraging you to think critically and outside the box.
6) Assisting with any assignments under the new syllabus.

[Assignment help]
I can also help with maths assignments which you send me by email, in which I assist with harder problems, fix mistakes and provide general feedback on areas for improvement.

[University background]
I am doing a combined Bachelor of Commerce and Diploma of Mathematical Science at Melbourne University, which has allowed me to continue my passion for maths. This has allowed me to gain complete mastery of the high school material, which means I’m able to explain the content in different ways and simple enough so that my students can understand it. I am very confident in teaching the new syllabus as I have studied all the new topics at an advanced level at university, statistics and proof.

[Extra benefits]
1) Many past papers, resources and extra materials that I can provide to you, which will help you to broaden your understanding of the coursework and strengthen your mathematical ability.
2) I make my own exam style questions, which are similar in content and structure to your upcoming school assessments.
3) Can help you with any questions you ask me outside of class.


Year 12 completed in 2019.
Mark achieved: 97.40.
Currently studying Bachelor of Commerce at University of Melbourne.


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