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I ranked 1st in James Ruse for Physics and 3rd for Chemistry, and I am offering ONE ON ONE or small group (2-5) private tutoring, both at competitive prices. What sets my service apart from other tutors? I was the first year to actually complete the new syllabus for Physics and Chemistry. Thus I have an in-depth understanding of the NEW syllabus unlike tutors from previous years..


- 7th in State for HSC Phyiscs
- 99.85 ATAR
- 1st in James Ruse Physics Yr12
- 1st in James Ruse Physics Yr11
- 3rd in James Ruse Chemistry Yr12
- Full marks in all Yr12 + 11 Depth Study for Physics & Chemistry
- Get Access to my original STATE RANKING EXAM PAPER
- Get Access to my original TRIAL PAPERS
- 2020 UCAT 3020

- 98 in HSC Physics
- 97 in HSC Chemistry
- 95 in 4U Maths
- 96 in 3U Maths

About Me:

Physics has always been hard (even for me!), and with the new added uncertainty following a very difficult HSC exam (just see SMH!) demands that students have an extremely powerful command over physics knowledge. But how? Generally what happens in physics classrooms is simply passing information. Students memorise facts and formulas. But then when it comes to any nonstandard question (which were abundant in the 2019 HSC) this will spectacularly fail..

Teaching Style:

My teaching style is guided by proven recent pedagogical research. I emphasise the use of mental effort and through understanding of a concept. Through students really deeply thinking about a concept and questioning why it happens to be this way, it promotes an incredibly deep understanding that will not only help them attain top of their grade marks but also a love of the subject.

Course Details:

$80 per hour for Preliminary Courses and $90 for HSC courses.
SAVE: Bring a friend and get $60 pp ph for Yr11 and $60 for Yr12!

If you are interested, please do not hesitate at all to shoot me a message or call me!


  • 2nd in Physics Research in Asia


Year 12 completed in 2019.
Mark achieved: 99.85.
Currently studying Medicine.


  • Recreational Physics (Experimental)
  • Swimming


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I only do online now due to coronavirus restrictions.