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🧲Physics STATE RANK 98/100 🧲 99.85 ATAR 😊 RUSE 😊 94 UCAT ~ MED

Executive Summary:

- State Rank 7th in NSW Physics 2019
- ATAR: 99.85
- James Ruse 1st in Physics
- James Ruse 3rd in Chemistry

- Over 100 students taught - including 5 James Ruse
- I show my method to get full marks in “Explain” questions
- I give feedback on written responses to make them state rank level
- I teach content with enough rigour that you can state rank

Hi, I'm Bob Chen. I state ranked 7th in NSW in Physics. At James Ruse, I ranked 1st for Physics and 3rd for Chemistry. Since graduating in 2019, I've tutored over 100 students and helped them achieve the marks they deserve.

Are you sick of losing marks to silly mistakes? Losing marks to "explain" questions? Losing marks to accuracy, reliability and validity questions? I can help you. I've given a lot of thought to these problems and I've come up with step by step guidelines to help you ace them.

Why me?

I was also terrible at science back in Year 10. By the end of Year 10, I was ranking bottom 35% of my cohort. However, by the end of Year 11, I had topped James Ruse Physics, placing first in the cohort. By the end of Year 12, I was first in Physics, and had also become Top 5 in Chemistry.

How did I do it?

It has to do with questioning the content more deeply. To dig into the meaning behind equations and concepts and really think about it. To put in, “mental effort”. I’ll be teaching you this technique and more to help you achieve the same transformation.


- Highest 2019 Physics HSC exam mark in NSW
- 7th in State for HSC Phyiscs
- 99.85 ATAR
- 1st in James Ruse Physics Yr12
- 1st in James Ruse Physics Yr11
- 3rd in James Ruse Chemistry Yr12
- Full marks in all Yr12 & 11 Depth Studies for Physics & Chemistry
- 3020 UCAT (94th Percentile)
- Presented Physics Research at International Conferences/Competitions (Yau, HKSA) attended by Harvard professors (Came 2nd in Asia)

- 98 in HSC Physics
- 97 in HSC Chemistry
- 95 in 4U Maths
- 96 in 3U Maths
- 94 in English Advanced


I've had experience teaching in the top tutoring center in Sydney, with a very high level of expertise and teaching skill required to work there. In private tutoring, I've helped students drastically transform their marks. One student, Eric from James Ruse, moved from 75 in Physics Trials to 94 in HSC in just 2.5 months with me.

I've taught over 50 students from:

James Ruse
Baulkham Hills
Sydney Grammar
North Sydney Girls and Boys
Sydney Girls and Boys and many more

Teaching Style:

My teaching style is guided by proven recent pedagogical research. I emphasise the use of mental effort and through understanding of a concept. Through students really deeply thinking about a concept and questioning why it happens to be this way, it promotes an incredibly deep understanding that will not only help them attain top of their grade marks but also a love of the subject.

Course Details and Pricing:

Trial prep - limited spots: One on One private tutoring at $125/hr.

I offer group (around 5) private tutoring. These lessons will be delivered online, via Zoom. Don't like online teaching? My online experience is different to what you may have had at school. I have purchased a professional microphone and drawing tablet for a highly immersive experience. Previous students, from James Ruse and Baulkham Hills, have preferred this over in person as it saves them precious travel time in HSC and allows for the same learning. Why not give it a try? First lesson is free if you don't like it.

$40/hr for Year 11 Physics (Sunday 2:30-4:30 PM)
$50/hr for Year 12 Physics (Saturday 10:00 - 12:00 AM)

Chemistry classes for Year 11 and 12 will open in Term 4 2021. Enrolments now open. Be quick - my spots can fill up within 1 week of announcement!

If you are interested in my Physics or Chemistry classes, please do not hesitate to shoot me a message or call me!


  • 2nd in Physics Research in Asia


Year 12 completed in 2019.
Mark achieved: 99.85.
Currently studying Medicine.


  • Recreational Physics (Experimental)
  • Swimming


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