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My name is Aiden and I am currently an unbonded Medicial Student in Sydney. I have been tutoring for 4 years and have helped more than 100 students in that time, with students ranging from top selective schools such as Fort St High School, Girraween High School & Baulkham Hills High School

HSC and UCAT Marks
Mathematics Extension 1 (3U) - 99
Mathematics Extension 2 (4U) - 96
Chemistry - 93
Physics - 93
UCAT - 3200 - 99th percentile

I provide tutoring in HSC Mathematics (2U advanced and 3U Extension 1), and UCAT/Medical Interview Training.

With the change in the NSW syllabus in 2019, many tutoring schools won't be able to teach the new content properly.

My ability to tech my own personalised UCAT strategies to students helps them create their own framework for UCAT questions, making it easy for students answer all the questions in the extremely time pressred exam.

If students are aiming to push their marks from 60's to 90's, or from 90's to 100, I have the resources and framework to make students achieve their goal!

Here are some of the reasons you should choose me!

- Access to private teaching facilities - Whiteboards, Digital TV's, Private Rooms.
- Personal Office Space in Eastwood
- 5 years of experience in teaching.
- Easy to teach complex concepts in simple everyday terms
- Does not just tutor but also provides guidance to students outside of education.
- Flexible location and time.

HSC Tutoring Rates
Small Group of 2 (Or more) Tutoring - $25/hr PP
1 to 1 Tutoring - $50/hr

UCAT/Medical Interview Training
1 on 1 tutoring - $60/hr


Year 12 completed in 2017.
Mark achieved: 98.80.
Currently studying Doctor of Medicine (MD) at University of Western Sydney.


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Throughout much of year 11 and 12, I had struggled to achieve success in much of my subjects, especially HSC chemistry. I would always be just above the class average, leading me to become very frustrated and thus seek out a tutor. However, I was fortunate to stumble upon Aiden, without whom I would have remained where I was.

Aiden was significant in that he targeted lessons to attack my weaknesses, which was primarily either understanding of substantial concepts or exam technique. Each lesson would focus on my needs rather than ramble on about a particular topic, either moving ahead in content or carefully examining my knowledge of prior concepts. Aiden didn't just spoon-feed the answer; he actively sought to make sure I was paying attention, and would regularly test my understanding of ideas in the form of exam questions. He would not rush the lesson as well to complete what had been planned out earlier; he would stop and make sure to solve the problem I was having, whether that be understanding concepts or a particular exam question. Exam solutions were also taught in a way that emphasised logical thinking and understanding instead of just plain memorisation and would be regularly implemented in each lesson. Regular notes would also be made on the board by Aiden, which saved me a significant amount of time in the HSC, not having the burden of writing notes.

Another thing to keep in mind is the new HSC syllabus. This is the second year of the new HSC syllabus, and resources are still somewhat limited. However, I did not have any trouble due to Aiden's vast amount of resources, whether that be past papers or various notes. As well as that, Aiden is wholly prepped to deal with the different new concepts introduced in the latest syllabus and has done so in terms of my tutoring with flying colours.

Aiden also assisted me in assignments, which was crucial in establishing my high-class rank. Each assignment would be reviewed in detail, with extensive feedback explaining what I could do better and which areas needed revisiting. He would also take the time to stress the importance of exam technique, which was crucial in terms of my marks skyrocketing. Some lessons would be wholly dedicated to reviewing attempted tests and exams, which gave me essential details on concepts to work on and what I need to do next time to prevent recurring mistakes from happening again.

In short, Aiden's lessons ensured that I achieve success in the exam, allowing me to earn a band 6 in HSC chemistry. I have no doubts that future students would succeed under his belt as well!
- By Adithya Manoj on 24th March 2020

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I have an office located next to Eastwood Station, but please contact me if you would like lessons to be held elsewhere.