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97/100 in HSC English Advanced [Top 1% in NSW] 49/50 in HSC English Extension I [Top 1% in NSW + Equivalent to State Rank]

Hi, I’m Julian (Jules) Edwards and I just finished Year 12 at St Ignatius' College, Riverview. I am offering my services for English Tutoring. I am tutoring strictly online.

As the first year with the new HSC, I am a part of the only cohort that comprehends exactly what the new syllabus looks for and what NESA marks to. I excel in essay writing, receiving full marks for all my modules over two courses in the HSC. With the unpredictability of all HSC English courses, I can help to ensure that you are prepared not only with predictable questions, but also with disparate and challenging questions. The current HSC system fails to truly identify the need for argumentation - that is, proving your response instead of merely identifying important thematic or conceptual terms. The value of my tutoring is that I do not just teach how to write an English essay, but instead how to prove a thesis under any topic.

English Advanced: 97/100 (3rd at Riverview, Top 1% in NSW)
English Extension 1: 49/50 (1st at Riverview, Top 1% in NSW, Equivalent to NSW State Rank)
Chinese Continuers: 94/100 (2nd at Riverview)
Chinese Extension: 48/50 (1st at Riverview, Equivalent to NSW State Rank)
I also received a B6 for Economics, Mathematics (96/100) and an E4 for Mathematics Extension 1.

In the HSC, I received a 97/100 (96 overall) in English Advanced and a 49/50 (49 overall) in English Extension I. Since commencing tutoring, I have also tutored students with the top mark in every task at St Ignatius' College, without exception.

English Advanced: 1984, Tempest + Hagseed, TS Eliot (can tutor other texts, too).

I received full marks for all modules during my HSC year. Also, I received a 94/100 raw in trials (with two trial exemplars) and a 96/100 raw (with three 20/20) in the HSC exam.

20/20 in Common Module - 1984 (Internal Task, Trials (Exemplar), HSC)
20/20 in Module A - Tempest / Hag-Seed (Trials (Exemplar), HSC)
20/20 in Module B - TS Eliot (Trials, HSC)
20/20 in Module C (Internal Task (Exemplar))

English Extension: Can tutor all modules.

Literary Worlds: Top Mark and Exemplar at Riverview for Internal Task and Trials.
Worlds of Upheaval: Top Mark and Exemplar at Riverview for Internal Task, Trials (25/25) and HSC (25/25).

I also mark essays for $20 each, $30 for two.


Year 12 completed in 2019.
Mark achieved: N/A (verified).
Currently studying Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy) / Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Dalyell Scholars) at The University of Sydney.


Jules’ knowledge of HSC English is so strong! He has brought my marks up already to B6 level :)
- By Tom on 20th March 2020

Jules is insanely good at essay writing, and he is even better at teaching how to be!
- By Harry on 20th March 2020

Amazing tutor, knows his stuff and saved my English mark!! Would recommend!!
- By Lewis on 14th March 2020

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