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[99.90 ATAR] [State Rank: 8th in English Extension 2] Hey, I’m Reuben! I graduated with a 99.90 ATAR from Sydney Grammar School in 2019 and a state rank in English Extension 2 (8th).

I offer tutoring in the following subjects, from Year 7 - 12 level: English (Advanced, Extension 1, Latin (Continuers, Extension) and History (Modern, Extension). My HSC Marks for those subjects were:

English Advanced: 95/100 (3rd internally)
English Extension 1: 49/50
English Extension 2: 50/50 (State Rank: 8th)
Modern History: 96/100
History Extension: 49/50
Latin Continuers: 95/100
Latin Extension: 48/50

In my sessions, I concentrate on not just teaching detailed information in regards to major ideas/syllabus dot points, but also how to group them into structured, coherent responses.

In Modern History, this involves breaking down the different ways to approach source-based questions and the specific points that need to be covered, as well as how to sustain a strong thesis in a persuasive essay form. This is also an important part of History Extension - not only in Trials and the HSC, but also in the internal Major Work component. Attaining a perfect mark for this section of internals, I can share my tips on how best to research/construct/edit this large part of the final HSC score.

In English (Advanced, Extension 1), my knowledge of the new syllabus enables me to guide students on approaching texts through the lens of the new rubric. In English Extension 2, I can help give direction on internal reflective tasks (after topping Sydney Grammar internally), as well as advice on Major Works (State Ranked 8th in the HSC).

On top of these tutoring sessions, I'm available to help edit/polish essays or homework tasks.

I exclusively tutor online, as I have found during COVID-19 that this mode of teaching is just as effective as in real life.

Please message me if you have any questions! :))


  • HSC All-Round Achiever
  • HSC Top Achiever
  • 100% Academic Scholarship Yr 7-12 Sydney Grammar
  • Sydney Scholars Award 2020


Year 12 completed in 2019.
Mark achieved: 99.90 (verified).
Currently studying Commerce Law at The University of Sydney.


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