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Thank you for your interest in tutoring with us.

Established in 2019, our tutors learnt the new syllabus and excelled in it. They new tutor new syllabus students only. We have increased marks from 40% to 100% in a single term! Our tutors have actually LEARNT the new syllabus and are not learning along with you, they are experts in their field and have achieved high ranks and marks. They know the tricks to secure this and wish to help you achieve the best you can.

At FCT we pride ourselves on delivering quality educational support to all our students. We aim to go beyond this and assist them with all the challenges that come with being senior students, providing them with a mentor rather than a tutor that can assist them in more ways than just their academics. Established after the new syllabus by students who studied it, FCT has only brand new resources that have been tried and tested in 2019 and beyond.

Our lessons are planned by state ranking tutors who use their expertise to design lessons with tactics that benefited them in their HSC year. We also understand that all students are different, hence, we have a variety of plans and options to benefit all students whether they want to accelerate their studies or catch up to their peers.

We offer both one on one and group classes. One on One classes are $45 per hour and group classes are $70 a week per subject for 2 hour lessons ($35 per hour). We offer a one week trial period for our one on one sessions and a 2 week trial period for our group classes where you can cancel at any time.

Contact us today via email, our website or DM to see what we can do for you or your child during their HSC journey.

In this price you are provided with;
- Weekly classes with a tutor that has gone through an extensive application process and has learnt the new syllabus
- Recorded lessons to rewatch them and understand tricky areas at your own pace
- A booklet for every module that targets the key areas one must know in order to ace their subject
- The ability to contact your tutor at any time with questions, at no restriction
- An online platform to access all submissions you have made throughout the year to track your process
- Two practice exams a term that exam what you are learning during classes
- Access to your learning portal where marks and progress is updated regularly for both you and your parents to see
- Extra resources at request

We also offer targeted marking services by band 6 students for English, Legal, Histories, Business and other humanities based subjects - this is a subscription based service for $30 a month, with unlimited essay submissions for all subjects.

To book a FREE trial and assessment, please visit our website

Once again, thank you for your interest, we do hope to see you in class soon.



Really enjoyed my lessons with Meerae, she is able to articulate things and make them relatable to my own interests. She has an in depth understanding of the modules and has literally read most of the prescribed text list for fun!

If you want a passionate tutor who knows what is going on and has connections to actual teachers and state rankers, I recommend giving Meerae a try!
- By Sierra Lee on 6th February 2020

Meerae is one of the best tutors anyone could ask for. After our lessons, where she ensures I understand the content and doesn't hesitate to stay longer than the hour I've paid for, she continues to showcase her dedication to my achievement. My last task, where I came first in the grade for, she worked with me on a google drive for hours, checking and assisting me with every last sentence until it was perfect.

You will not find anyone with more dedication to their students like Meerae,
- By Grace on 30th January 2020

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