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Hi, I'm Nishta! I graduated as the Dux of Broughton Anglican College in 2019 with an ATAR of 98.85, and am studying Law/Arts at the University of Sydney. I am an experienced tutor who has helped many students improve their marks across school assessments and HSC exams.

Years 7-10 ($45/hr): English and Humanities.

This is an important time to build your skills in English and Humanities subjects. I will work with you each week to develop your confidence in analysing English texts and interpreting the subtle meanings that authors try to convey. This includes help with your current school assessments, as well as exposing you to a range of new texts that will foster a love for English. We'll practice different forms of creative writing, focussing on writing stories that personally connect with you. These activities will improve your vocabulary, writing fluency, and critical thinking skills, preparing you for the senior years of high school.

Years 11-12 ($50/hr): English Standard, English Advanced, English Extension 1, Legal Studies, Business Studies, Visual Arts.

My aim with HSC students is to minimise your stress as much as possible. You will have access to all of my notes and Band 6 essays, and I can help with upcoming assessments and essays. You'll be able to email me your work at any point during the week and I'll give comprehensive feedback and suggestions. Each lesson will be personalised for exactly what you need, whether that is help for an assessment, textual analysis, or structuring essays.
Most importantly, I'll be your personal cheerleader during this tense time. I'll be there to laugh with you, cheer you on, be a shoulder to cry on, and also be an inexhaustible vault of memes. Seriously, get ready for some amazing (or cringe, depending on how you look at it) memes that I absolutely won't stop sending you.

Each lesson, we'll simplify each subject down to the basics rather than make it overly complicated, and I'll help you pinpoint exactly what the markers want. For English, this means that examining the author's purpose in a text, as well as links to ideas of context and form. I'll take you through each module in-depth and dissect the major themes and ideas that should reflect in your essays. We can practise all the given forms of creative writing, including discursive, persuasive, and imaginative, integrating the specific requirements for Module C. Above all, I'll emphasise a close reading of your prescribed texts and their meanings, helping you achieve a Band 6.

In Legal and Business Studies, we'll go through the content comprehensively, and in particular any aspects you have difficulty with. It's a massive amount of syllabus dot points so you'll be able to look at all of my notes and past essays. I'll teach you the best way to write Legal and Business essays and how to respond to specific questions.

For Visual Arts, I can give you advice for your body of work based on my own experiences creating a photo-series. I'll break down exactly how to answer Section 1 questions, and give an overview of each artistic medium and art movement. I received full marks for the Section 2 essay, so I can help you craft a brilliant essay on artworks you love that can be adapted on the day.

Essay Marking

If you have an upcoming assessment or essay but don't want to receive regular tutoring, I am happy to provide once-off feedback. I go through an in-depth process of reading your work and providing useful feedback that will heighten its clarity for $15 per paper. Regular students will receive unlimited essay marking free of charge.


I am also offering a 2 hour package that will prepare Year 11 and 12 students for the UNSW LAT that is required for entry into UNSW Law. I received a 99/100 in 2019 for the LAT, and can offer the best tips and practice activities required for success. Message for more info!

My HSC Results (2019):
English Advanced: 96
English Ext 1: 49/50
Legal Studies: 95
Business Studies: 94
Visual Arts: 93
Mathematics: 92

I do both in-person and online sessions. I live in Campbelltown and am happy to travel to your home, although there is an extra travel fee depending on travel time. I can teach students across New South Wales online. Although this was initially in response to the pandemic, I've found that online teaching is equally engaging as in-person sessions, as we are able to Zoom/Face Time and comfortably share a Google Doc.


  • Prefect
  • Dux of Broughton Anglican College 2019
  • Ranked 1st for English Advanced at school
  • Ranked 1st for English Extension 1
  • Ranked 1st for English Extension 2
  • Ranked 1st for Legal Studies
  • Ranked 1st for Business Studies
  • Ranked 1st for Visual Arts
  • ATAR of 98.85
  • Received a 99/100 in the UNSW Law Admissions Test
  • All-Rounders Achievement - Band 6/E4 in 11 units


Year 12 completed in 2019.
Mark achieved: 98.85 (verified).
Currently studying Law/Arts at The University of Sydney.


  • Playing with my dogs
  • Watching Netflix
  • Photography


Nishta tutored me during my HSC, mainly for English Advanced and Legal Studies. For English Advanced, Nishta helped me by breaking down the rubric in order to effectively write for each English module. This assisted my essay writing tremendously as I noticed my writing becoming more structured and my textual analysis becoming more sophiscated with Nishta’s guidance. Similarly, Nishta helped me in consolidating the content for HSC Legal Studies. Particularly, she was able to provide a myriad of her own resources that built on my understanding on the Crime, Human Rights and Family topics of the syllabus. Throughout my HSC, Nishta marked my essays for both subjects expeditiously and provided detailed feedback that improved my writing immensely. Additionally, she was extremely supportive during the difficulties of HSC as she understood the pressure on students as a former Year 12 herself. She was accommodating and flexible with our lesson times. I highly recommend Nishta as a tutor for students due to her knowledge on a range of subjects as well as her kindness, spirited attitude during our lessons and her support throughout my HSC.
- By Esabella on 18th November 2020

Nishta tutored me in Year 12 English and Visual Arts theory, and she was so helpful! Personally I found her enthusiasm about the texts and subjects to help engage me, and allowed for great discussions that deepened my knowledge and connection to the content, that I would not have had otherwise. Nishta also provided very useful and targeted feedback on my essays, and positivity that encouraged me. Specifically I found beneficial her ability to teach necessary skills for me to most effectively write for the HSC syllabus, and how she would guide and prompt me to form my own perspectives. Would 100% recommend!
- By Helena on 5th November 2020

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I do both in-person and online sessions. I live in Campbelltown and am happy to travel to your home, although there is an extra travel fee depending on travel time. I can teach students across New South Wales online.