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Hi, I'm Eamonn, graduate of Merewether Selective High School 2019. I am currently enrolled at Macquarie University in a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and Applied Finance. As part of my HSC, I studied the subjects:

Mathematics Extension 2
Mathematics Extension 1
English Advanced

I'm offering my tutoring services in all levels of:
Senior (Yr 10-12) mathematics
Junior (7-9) mathematics and science
Yr12 Physics
These services may involve refreshing old, reinforcing current and learning new concepts. Students may feel free to message/email difficulties whenever required and I will get back to them as soon as possible.

I'm quite comfortable in the tutor role and have been acting as a student mentor for younger Merewether students for the past 3 years. I encourage all students to bring their resources (textbooks, handouts, etc) as these are most familiar to the them, while I periodically provide my personal resources to increase the diversity and application of their education.

I am flexible to conduct sessions anytime throughout the week through online means.

Finally some words of advice, there's a lot of pressure within High School to achieve success in every endeavour you undertake and when faced with insurmountable tasks it may seem impossible to live up to that expectation. But, if you hold some central values near and dear to yourself such as resilience and determination, you'll eventually find the motivation and enjoyment to pursue each and every goal. Take it from me, the guy that ranked 150th in Maths in Year 7, to 1st in Extension 1 & 2 Mathematics in Year 12.

ATAR: 98.80


  • Principal’s Meritorious Award (World’s Greatest Shave Participant 2019)
  • Senior Leadership Award (Academic Achievement, School Representation, School and Community Service, Commitment to Learning and Citizenship)
  • Academic Excellence First Place in Course Mathematics Extension 1 & 2 (Year 12)
  • Academic Excellence Award (Top 10% of Students in Scholastic Year 10, 11, 12)
  • Student Mentor (2017-2019)
  • Academic Excellence First Place in Course Mathematics (Year 11)


Year 12 completed in 2019.
Mark achieved: 98.80 (verified).
Currently studying Actuarial Studies at Macquarie University.


  • Violin
  • Reading
  • Table Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Drawing/Illustration


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