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Hi! My name is Thomas Gilbert, and I graduated from St Kevin's College Toorak in 2019, achieving an ATAR of 99.75.

I achieved a perfect study score of 50 in both English and Literature. This meant I was the Dux of English and Literature at St Kevin's, a school renowned for its stellar English results. I also achieved a score of 49 in Legal Studies.

Furthermore, in 2018, I achieved a study score of 46 in History: Revolutions, meaning I was the Dux of the subject in Year 11.

Therefore, I am looking to tutor students in their studies in 2020 and beyond. During my time at the college, I often relished the opportunity to help other students with their studies and projects, cultivating and supporting their academic endeavour.

Predominantly, I am proficient in English and humanities-based subjects. Whilst I specialise in certain texts for both English and Literature, I would be willing to familiarise myself with texts I did not study and create study resources for those texts in order to suit the needs of my students. I can also offer general essay tips pertaining to structure, content and methodology. Moreover, for English, I can provide valuable tutoring for Language Analysis through sample essays and individual tips, enabling my students to ameliorate their analytical repertoire, allowing them to scrutinise the language and argument at an intimate and complex level.

For Literature, I can help passionate students further develop their linguistic capacities, analysing a broad range of genres and text types. Specifically, at the ¾ level, I can help students develop their literary perspective for Section A, and provide integral tips for Close Analysis in Section B, arguably the most difficult task a student can be called upon to complete.

My passion for English-related subjects extends far beyond the classroom. Throughout my schooling, I was involved in Debating and Public Speaking, competing at both a state and national level. I was Captain of Public Speaking this year, and a member of our school's premier Debating team. My oratorical experience underscores my zest for linguistics, public speaking and the spoken word. For this reason, I believe I would make a fantastic tutor in these subject domains.

For Legal Studies, I can provide structured notes which are easy to navigate and comprehend, as well as a summarised list of relevant legal cases, which will improve the quality of students’ answers, especially in extended responses. I also have an amalgamated list of practice and examination-style questions covering all relevant task-words, designed to test students’ knowledge and prepare them for the examination environment. Many students perceive Legal Studies as a rather monotonous and bland subject; however, through my tutoring, I will enhance the experience of my students, fostering their zest for learning.

For History: Revolutions, I can provide tutoring at the ¾ level for America and Russia. I have an extensive bank of notes, practice papers, document studies and tips for students to utilise during their studies. Given I completed this subject in 2018, I commonly served as a tutor at my school for some of the students who studied Revolutions in 2019, one of which was successful in attaining a perfect study score of 50. I have given several lectures on the subject, and have an intricate and well-developed understanding of the area of study and its demands.
Given my success in these subjects, I am willing to tutor students in younger age groups.

Overall, as a tutor, I would be able to provide tailored services to my students, whilst forming a cohesive and fruitful rapport with them. I will be patient and compassionate, and ensure that each student feels comfortable in the tutoring environment. I am highly enthusiastic about the subjects I intend to tutor, and will remain well-versed in the content and respective study designs.

Thank you!


  • Dux of English, St Kevin's College [2019]
  • Dux of Literature, St Kevin's College [2019]
  • Dux of History: Revolutions, St Kevin's College [2018]
  • House Captain and Captain of Public Speaking, St Kevin's College [2019]
  • State Finalist - Debaters' Association of Victoria [2018]


Year 12 completed in 2019.
Mark achieved: 99.75.
Currently studying Bachelor of Arts, followed by a Juris Doctor at University of Melbourne.


  • Public Speaking and Debating
  • Tennis
  • AFL


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I am happy to travel to students in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The most convenient suburbs include Hawthorn, Camberwell, Kew, Balwyn, Surrey Hills, Richmond etc. I can also work at libraries in these areas, or alternately the CBD. Also, next year, I intend to commence tertiary education at the University of Melbourne. Therefore, once the University year begins, I could tutor on/near the Parkville campus. In general, I am very flexible. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your hours, and I will attempt to accommodate you!