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Hi! I'm Isabella and I have a huge passion for tutoring English!
I completed my HSC in 2018 and excelled in my English based subjects. I completed 4 units of English as well as Music 1 and Japanese Beginners. I achieved a band 6 in Advanced English, and an E4 in both English Extension 1 and 2.

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Communications (Public Communications) and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (Japan) as well as a Diploma in Languages (Italian) at the University of Technology Sydney.

I have been tutoring for 2 years and am proud to announce that all of my students have achieved a band 5 or 6 in their respective English courses (Standard and Advanced, Ext.1, Ext.2). Additionally, I have tutored students from year 3 upwards and have learnt how to effectively tailor lessons to specific individual needs, ultimately achieve outstanding results. Exclusive to my tutoring services, I provide my students with individually crafted text booklets which include categories such as themes, plot, quotes and techniques, as well as past essays from my student's who wrote A range essays in assessments.

In saying this, I do not believe that: “marks are everything” or “HSC is the be all and end all” (although it may feel like it). What matters to me as a tutor is the positive personal growth and development of my students and finishing the HSC with a healthy mental state. I always spend an extra 5-10 minutes outside of our lessons to ensure this.

I have my WWCC if one needs to be provided as well. I would also love to be in contact with both the parents and students to establish goals prior to our first lesson. I have also produced some helpful resource guides for the new syllabus which I give to new students.

I hope I can help you along your high school journey so I can share my love for English with you!


  • Fidelis Award for Leadership
  • #1st in Music 1
  • English Advanced High Achiever Award
  • English Extension High Achiever Award
  • Symphonic Winds Captain


Year 12 completed in 2018.
Mark achieved: 92.95.
Currently studying Bachelor of Communications (Public Communication) and Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (Japan) as well as a Diploma in Languages (Italian) at University of Technology Sydney.


  • Flute and Music!
  • Gaming (Nintendo specifically)
  • Weird Shows on Netflix


Isabella was my English tutor throughout year 11 and 12. She helped me immensely turning my average marks into above average marks. her wonderful and engaging personality made each lesson worthwhile and I don’t think I would’ve been able to achieve the marks I did without her. She always placed her students before her and wants the very best for them. I would recommend Isabella to anyone she is an amazing tutor.
- By Liam Ottaviano on 17th December 2019

Isabella was my tutor during year 12 for advanced English. She helped me boost my rank from 62 to 22 which both me and my parents were very pleased about. I loved coming to each session because she would make each lesson both engaging and productive. Isabella went above and beyond to ensure that I understood all content across the entire English syllabus. She also genuinely cares about all her students, not just their results which is refreshing. I haven’t met a more dedicated and committed tutor than Isabella.
- By Emily Cowley on 10th December 2019

Isabella is a fantastic tutor. She is passionate about English (and other english-based subjects) and it reflects onto her teachings. She is hard-working and strives to help students realise their potential and achieve their goals. She has personally encouraged and aided me through academic, personal and mental challenges and continues to perform at an exceptional rate. I cannot recommend Isabella enough.
- By Jayfel Tulabing-Lee on 10th December 2019

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Travel policy

I drive to and from tutoring sessions. If I have to drive more than 25 minutes I may have to charge an extra $5 to cover the cost of petrol. However, I am quite flexible with travel.