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Hi, I’m Prag and I’m a private tutor based in the Hills area. I graduated from Baulkham Hills High School and am currently a third year medical student at the University of New South Wales. I took physics, chemistry, economics (accelerated), 4U maths and English for my HSC in 2017 with marks as below:

Ext 2 Maths: 99 (ranked 3rd internally, 1st in Trials)
Ext 1 Maths: 99
Economics: 95
Physics: 95
Chemistry: 93
English: 93

Overall ATAR: 99.85

- Preliminary and HSC maths tuition at all levels (2U, 3U, 4U)
- Maths and Science Tuition (high school level)

- Able to cater for students of all calibre, with personalised lessons
- Lessons tailored to individual students' needs, areas of weaknesses
- Problem-based teaching focusing on maximising marks in school assessments --> theory + approach towards difficult problems
- Teaching mostly from Textbooks (Cambridge, Terry Lee) & Past Paper Questions (exposure to exam-style questions)

Lesson Structure:
- Typical lesson will comprise of going through any questions from last week's class and assigned HW questions.
- Class will involve teaching followed by question-based application by student in class.
- Homework will be assigned for completion by next weeks class.
- Place of tuition would be starts my residence (castle hill) or student's home (if close-by) or at a public library e.g. Castle Hill Library.

If interested feel free to contact me


- completed HSC in 2017
- ATAR of 99.85 with NSW All-Round Achiever’s List
- currently studying Medicine at the University of New South Wales (2018-2023)


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