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SPECIALIST ENGLISH TUTOR | English Advanced STATE RANK (16th in NSW) | 49/50 Ext. 1 English Mark | ATAR 99.55 | EXTENSIVE STATE RANK RESOURCES | Excellent Student Results

Hi I’m Chloe Zhu! I graduated in 2018 with an atar of 99.55, and came 16th in state in English Advanced. I’ve since mentored 90+ students and have had the pleasure of assisting the achievement of some incredible results in the HSC, including:

✔️ TWO students who scored 98/100 for Eng Advanced, & two who have achieved atars of 99.95 - students with English marks of 96 & 95.

✔️ Students whose ranks have moved from the bottom 50% of the cohort to the top 10. Last year all 5 of my JR students halved their ranks and scored the top of their classes in trials since starting lessons in Term 3.

✔️A difference in a student’s Eng Ext I Marks of 41 (internals) and 48 (externals) after starting lessons post-trials. Another student with an estimated Band 4 mark at the end of trials managed to score 93 in externals after just 1.5 months of tutoring.

Here’s what I can do for you:

✅ I offer 1) 1:1 & small group tutoring, and 2) provide access to extensive material I’ve put together and STATE RANK + FULL MARK essays, creatives and discursive writing for regular students to supplement your learning.

✅ Lessons are text or school-specific, helping you efficiently achieve what’s necessary to ace the upcoming assessment.



English is extremely confusing and stressful - I know this because I started my essays in the holidays before year 12 even started, wrote 6 full drafts for my term 1 assessment and got a shocking 10/15 - causing my rank to drop to 100.

However, I was determined to revive my rank by writing almost 10 essay drafts per module. From this, I scored full marks in every assessment thereafter and finally understood the secret to acing HSC English, ultimately allowing me to place 16th in NSW in Advanced and score 49/50 in English Extension I.

With a proven track record of success from my students, I know exactly what it takes to perform exceptionally in the HSC, whether it’s simply scoring a band 6 or achieving an outstanding mark of 95+.


I've had extensive experience teaching at a HSC English Specialist Tuition Centre (2019) and have built up insider knowledge regarding the demands of the new English syllabus. Since transitioning to private tutoring this year, i've taught almost 50 students and have had a 100% RETENTION RATE where every student has continued lessons from the first session, without exception.

SCHOOLS TAUGHT INCLUDE: James Ruse (10+ students), Pymble Ladies College (15+ students), North Sydney Girls (10+ students), Hornsby Girls (10+ students), Sydney Grammar, Knox Grammar, Normanhurst boys, Sydney Girls, St. George Girls, Sceggs, Reddam House, Shore School, Ascham School, Meriden, Kincoppal Rosebay & Loretto Kiribilli just to name a few.

Some further things I usually cover:

• In classes we usually get thesis statements / intros written out together so the hardest part is over with! I can also help extensively for increasing the sophistication of your writing and rephrasing sentences where the expression is weak.
• We also go through the ideal paragraph progression, conceptual focuses and structure for a 20/20 essay in each module


I have a teaching space available at Chatswood (right next to the station), and at Town Hall World Square (few mins from the station).


$120/hr for 1:1,
$80/hr for 2:1,
$60/hr for 3 or more students.

I am primarily looking to tutor small group classes, as I have highly limited regular individual slots available. Please get in touch early for one-off availabilities or to be added to the waitlist of regular 1:1 timeslots.



Rates for essay marking/editing vary depending on the extent of feedback desired. Please get in touch if you are interested in hearing more.

If you are interested in booking in a session with me or enquiring further, please get in contact via messages!


Thanks for your time in taking a look at my profile, and I hope you have a lovely day :)


  • 16th in State for English Advanced
  • Prefect: English Captain
  • 1st place in Debating (Senior Division)
  • President of largest USYD cultural society (1000+ members)
  • Academic Distinction Honour Award (PLC) Years 9-12


Pymble Ladies College (2013-2018)
University of Sydney (2019)


  • Self development
  • Philosophy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Programming


Chloe is a great English tutor and helped me attain high marks during my HSC year. She has a lot of knowledge on each prescribed text, and really helps you craft an A range essay. Chloe is really good at explaining how to structure each paragraph and goes into detail on what HSC markers are expecting from each module. Mid year 12 I had to switch classes to online and she provided the same quality of teaching even with online lessons. Thanks to Chloe's excellent guidance I was able to get a band 6 in English Advanced and an E4 in English Extension. I would highly recommend doing tutoring with Chloe for anyone wanting help with English.
- By Arabi Sathiyapal on 16th January 2021

I started getting help from Chloe right before HSC Trials at school when I was a mediocre English student who did not achieve above average scores often. Worried about my marks, I turned to her for help, and she provided extremely detailed analysis and explanations of my school prescribed texts, as well as teaching me the correct paragraph structure, helping me craft thesis and topic sentences and teaching me useful tips to use in exam situations. Thanks to Chloe I was able to achieve 94/100 in English Advanced when I was almost certain I would attain below 90, as well as 48/50 in English Extension. I would definitely recommend Chloe to anyone struggling in English, as her help will definitely reap improved results.
- By Alan Song on 18th December 2020

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Lessons at my home in Chatswood, my office in Town Hall or at the University of Sydney is preferred, as there is greater privacy available for lessons. However, I am happy to go to a library, conduct skype lessons or negotiate a place that is best for you :) I am currently on uni break until March next year, so am flexible with time slots.