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I am a qualified high school teacher and have over 7 years of teaching experience in both private and professional settings. I graduated from St Marys Senior High School in 2014.

In this role, I was responsible for examination preparation, assessment assistance and teaching weekly content. I aided children who ranged from seven to eighteen years old with their studies. Alongside this, I always put extensive effort into my students’ academic success and confidence. Extensive written comments, achievement cards and rewards are centred within my teaching philosophy. I strongly believe that all students can unlock great potential with the right academic guidance and support.

I am strongly determined to assist all students the best way I can. I ask for feedback from students after semesters. In turn, I always strive to better my practice by discovering their needs and adapting my methods to achieve these goals.

Working with a wide age range, I have grown to become very adaptive in my language, teaching methods and scaffolding. A lot of my past students are from non-English speaking backgrounds. Again, this extensive experience has enabled me to better my ability to adjust curriculum to support their learning and not overwhelm them.

I build great rapport and respect with my students. I achieve this through my comfortable personality, enthusiastic behaviour and engaging teaching methods. Moreover, I have been highly recommended across private and professional settings.

I only provide small group classes as my students get the benefits of a personalised learning approach and yet part of a collaborative learning environment of like-minded students. However, if the student is genuinely struggling, then individual lessons maybe considered.

I am also now part of Elite Minds Academy, a tutoring academy for high school students. Of our recent graduating cohort, 1 in 3 achieved top 10 internal ranks at their school and I am happy to say that I was a part of it.


  • 1st place English HSC at St Mary's Senior High School
  • Band 6 English Advanced
  • Accepted to 4 prestigious universities through early entry schemes


Year 12 completed in 2014.
Mark achieved:. 95.55
Currently studying Bachelors of Secondary Education/Arts and Social Sciences (double major English Literature and Japanese Studies) at The University of Sydney


  • Volunteering
  • Cinema
  • Outdoor
  • Art
  • Literature


Ava is a teacher that makes learning much easier. She doesn't read straight from the book and actually explains it.
- By Isaac on 3rd December 2019

Ava is an amazing teacher. She makes our learning easier and more engaging by including fun games and tells us interesting stories to get a better understanding. She explains unknown words very well, and consistently asks us questions to make sure we are understanding the content. When we all come to class we aren’t nervous or scared, we are ready for a fun and engaging lesson :)
- By Ahash Ranjith on 26th November 2019

Ava is definitely one of the best teachers I have had. She is very engaging and passionate. In the short period i have improved my skills and I am more engaged with the subject. She's always willing to help and she's a very dedicated mentor. I find it very easy to talk to her about the issues I'm having.
- By Aveesha Dodanwala on 22nd November 2019

Ava is an amazing teacher who inspires and conveys ideas clearly. She engages with students with passion and guides students accurately. Ava encourages students to portray their ideas in different ways and creates varying approaches to convey specific ideas. Since being tutored by Ava, I have improved immensely; I have improved from receiving 16/20 for my English tasks to now receiving 19-20/20. Ava accurately identifies my weaknesses in my writing skills and targets these areas to help me receive A range responses.
- By Aishani on 15th November 2019

Character references

My daughter has been going to Ava for the past two years for English and she has been performing outstandingly at school. Ava is cheerful and a hardworking tutor who comes up with the best possible methods to boost up marks. She understands students' strengths and weakness and thereby tailors her teaching accordingly . Her entertaining personality attracts students attention, making them feel focus and engaged throughout the whole 2 hour lesson.
- By Tim Harrison on 7th December 2019

Ava is incredibly talented and enthusiastic who is always dedicated to helping her students achieve their personal best. She is easy to understand and makes all her lessons an enjoyable one. Ava teaches content one term ahead and by providing an in-depth understanding of concepts, my daughter feel very confident at school.
- By Shalini Suntharalingam on 25th November 2019


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As I currently teach many students back to back, I only teach at Baulkham Hills. But feel free to message me so we can arrange a suitable time :)