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Hi! I am Samantha and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Medical studies and Doctor of Medicine at the University of New South Wales. I graduated from Baulkham Hills in 2016. Moreover, I achieved an ATAR of 99.60 and obtained a place in the HSC All Rounders’ list. For HSC 3U maths, I achieved a perfect score of 100 and scored 96 in 3U English and 94 in 2U English.

With more than 5 years worth of teaching experience, I am capable of bringing out the best potential of each and every student. I provide my students with effective study tips and prepare them early on for their exams. I normally hold group classes with a maximum of 8 students. These group classes provide students with the opportunity to share their understanding on concepts and thereby allowing for broadening of knowledge. Individual lessons can also be booked when extra help is needed. However, it is important to note that these individual lessons will be provided as an additional service. Y12 students are also further provided with addition resources for their prescribed texts, allowing them to gain an in-depth understanding which is then translated into outstanding essays.

I also now teach at Elite Minds Academy, a high school tutoring academy that teaches over 200 students. 95% of our Y12 students earned band 6 for English last year and I am proud to say that I have been apart of such achievement.


  • HSC All Rounders Award
  • Ranked 2nd in grade in HSC Maths Extension 1 (3U)
  • Offered Co-Op Scholarship
  • 100 in HSC 3U Maths


Year 12 completed in 2016.
Mark achieved: 99.60.
Currently studying Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine at The University of New South Wales.


  • Loves reading
  • Enjoys blogging fan-fiction
  • Bowling
  • Writing


My English teacher, Samantha was the reason I have improved in school as she created a different perspective to teaching English which all the students loved to learn and benefit from.
- By Hanujan Puvanenthiran on 21st November 2019

Class is great because I learn a lot. Samantha always gives challenges and makes me better at maths in general.
- By Midhushann Ravi Raj on 16th November 2019

At school my results have improved since we learn everything at EMA before we learn it at school. Also, if I am unsure about something Samantha goes through it in detail so I understand it. She ensures everyone participates in activities
- By Shravya on 11th November 2019

My maths teacher Samantha has really helped me in maths by showing me the shorcuts.
- By Kanak on 4th November 2019

Samantha is actually interesting and that's why my marks are now something I'm proud of
- By Sanjana on 21st October 2019

Character references

Rajesh Gupta

Samantha is an enthusiastic teacher who has been teaching my daughter for the past year. Apart from teaching Maths and English content, she also provides amazing study tips. With 5 years of teaching experience, she knows how to teach the hardest concepts in the simplest way. Overall, Samantha is hard-working, dedicated and caring!
- By Rajesh Gupta on 18th November 2019


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Due to my schedule of multiple students back to back, I only teach at Baulkham Hills. However, my premise is very close to public transport including buses and Norwest train station. Please message or call me to book a mutually beneficial time :)