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At the time of writing, I am a 25 year old graduate of the University of Melbourne. I hold a first-class honours degree in philosophy (my other major was classics) from The University of Melbourne. I currently work both as a private tutor (in Latin, Classical Greek, philosophy, and occasionally English or Literature) and as a Latin teacher at the Centre for Adult Education in the Melbourne CBD. I have been tutoring since 2013. My students have ranged in age from 8 to 80, from primary to tertiary levels, coming from a wide range of backgrounds, each with their own needs, interests, and aptitudes. I have taught some of the brightest students in the state, as well as others who have found their respective subjects very challenging. I have taught students with dyslexia, autism, and schizophrenia, although I do not have any training and do not claim any special aptitude for working with people with learning difficulties. After 7 years of tutoring and classroom teaching experience, I am one of the most experienced Latin, Classical Greek, and philosophy tutors in Victoria.

Over that time, I have become more and more convinced that for a good teacher, kindness, patience, and humour are just as essential as erudition and academic achievement. I try to bring these qualities to all my encounters with students.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty (for instance, coming from a migrant background and attending a public school), I am open to renegotiating my hourly rate.

What I teach is what I'm really passionate about, so I don't have too many hobbies outside of my academic interests. I have a love of poetry and I enjoy studying languages. Outside of teaching , I spend my days reading, writing and meditating. I'm very interested in German philosophy (especially Heidegger), and I have a growing interest in the work of the Indian philosopher Nagarjuna.


  • 2018: The Hastie Scholarship (awarded for placing first in the University of Melbourne Philosophy honours year cohort)
  • 2016: University of Melbourne Dean's honours list - 3rd year
  • 2015: First place in the Australasian Classics Association Ancient Greek translation competition.
  • 2014: University of Melbourne Dean’s honours list - 2nd year
  • 2014: Second place in the Australasian Classics Association Latin and Ancient Greek unseen translation competitions.
  • 2014 Douglas Howard Exhibition for Ancient Greek.
  • 2013 University of Melbourne Dean's Honours List - 1st year
  • 2013 H.B. Higgins Exhibition for Ancient Greek
  • 2013: Ken McKay Prize for Ancient Greek
  • 2012: VCE ATAR 99.85


In 2018 I graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) majoring in philosophy and classics.
I was awarded the Hastie Scholarship in the same year for placing first in the philosophy honours cohort. My thesis was entitled: 'There is no sovereign in the kingdom of God: abandonment in the thought of Giorgio Agamben'.
For each year of my undergraduate studies I was listed on the faculty of arts dean's honours list (awarded to students in the top three percent of their year).


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