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99.95 ATAR| Maximum Possible Score for Specialist Mathematics in ACT | Message to book a free 30mins trial/consultation if you are going to ACT colleges

High school students:
The vast majority of high school students go into college, only to find out that their performance is limited by a poor foundation from high school. I tutor high school students (yr7-10) with the aim of preparing them for the most important two years of study in yr11 and yr12. Knowing what students should expect in college, I can help them navigate through high school and have them fully prepared for yr11.

College students:
College students face immense pressure and stress, and much of that comes from having to manage their time and uncertainties of what to study. With my knowledge of the emphasis of different units in most ACT colleges (Narrabundah, Radford, all other public colleges), I can help students to make the best use of their time. Students will be well-rested and have time to socialise, whilst feeling confident in their ability to perform well in exams and in-class assessments.

How to choose a tutor:
Choosing a tutor can be difficult, especially with all the profiles showing similar qualifications and experiences, but you can never go wrong with someone that understands the system and exceptionally excelled in it. Being the 2020 ACT Dux with an ATAR of <b>99.95</b> (highest possible, raw score 814, maximum possible score for Maths at 229), I can help you or your child achieve the best results according to their potential.

Another consideration when choosing from tutors of different calibre, is that a 99 ATAR is significantly different to a 99.95 ATAR. Each year, there are only two 99.95 recipients , and yet there are over fifty 99 recipients. Judging tutors based on the achievement of their past students is also erroneous, it is both unverified and tells you nothing about how much the tutor helped the student. Judging tutors based on reviews is a much better option, for Tutorfinder reviews are not anonymous and tutors have no control over what reviews show up.

Free Trial/Consultation:
The 30mins free trial allows you to make a better decision without having any financial burdens. The topic could be either the subject that you are seeking tutoring in, or general topics and consultations regarding the ACT system.


  • Highest ATAR in ACT of 99.95
  • Highest overall score (and maximum possible score) in Specialist Mathematics in ACT 2020
  • Highest overall score in ANU Extension: Specialist Mathematics for 2019-2020 period
  • 30+ High Distinctions (or Prizes) throughout high school in competitions such as the AMC, CAT, and the ICAS competitions
  • 2019 Best in ACT for the Australian Mathematics Competition (Prize, Yr 11 Group)
  • Top 13 in Australia in UNSW Maths Competition 2018
  • 100th Place in the World at the 2019 International Informatics Olympiad


Yr7-Yr10 Telopea Park School
Yr11-Yr12 Narrabundah College (99.95 ATAR)


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