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Notice: I am able to teach online due to the current circumstances regarding COVID-19. By using programs such as Zoom and Skype, I will be able to share my laptop screen, voice call, share notes and write notes as per usual. This method is currently being used in numerous education systems, including my current studies at university thus this method has been proven to be the most effective.

About me:

Hey :) I'm Vyllreth but please call me Vyll for short. I'm currently a 2nd year university student studying a Bachelor of Advanced Science (Pre-Medicine) at The University of Technology Sydney. I'm a 2018 high school graduate so a lot of the high school content is still fresh in my mind as we go through a lot of similar but more difficult work at university.
In high school, I received exceptional marks in my studies, coming third amongst my school cohort in Mathematics Extension 1 with an average of 90% to name an example.
In my first year of university, I also received exceptional marks, averaging distinctions and high distinctions; enabling me to transfer within the first round of offers from the Bachelor of Biomedical Science to the Bachelor of Advanced Science: Pre-Medicine.

What I have to offer:

I offer tutoring for a large range of subjects for junior high school years. I also offer tutoring for primary students from K-6 - this includes tutoring for the opportunity class test and gaining entry into a selective school.
I have a successful 1 year worth of experience in tutoring as my prior students have gained a drastic increase in higher grades due to my services. After receiving tutoring from myself, my students have successfully made it to the top class in their grades, joined the extension classes and are a part of the accelerated classes (for example my student was in Year 9 but was doing accelerated Year 12 English Advanced).
I offer services that include:
- in-depth concept understanding of topics and syllabuses
- assistance with assignments/assessments for a variety of subjects to receive full marks
- tips & strategies on how to approach questions
- extra extension resources
- homework assistance
- maximising possible marks
- exam advice
- mock exams
- assistance 24/7 via text
- assistance with applications to selective high schools etc.
- advice for interviews
- mock interviews
- peer support
- access to the library permitted to members only after standard hours
- legitimate invoice records

My method to teach:

I like to arrange my lessons according to what the student needs. This includes:
- creating a strong foundation of the subject and techniques
- exposure to extension work
- application of basics to advanced work
- strong focus on viewed weaknesses
- correctly abiding by the marking criteria of an assessment notification to reach all outcomes
- revision for upcoming exams/the subject through mock exams
- preparation for NAPLAN/selective high school test/opportunity class test through numerous resources
- assistance with applications to selective high schools and interviews
- providing challenging work that will be encountered in future years
- learning an entire topic within an hour


Face-to-face tutoring can be offered at Liverpool and Cabramatta Library as well as home visits within my range. Prices are as follows:
- one-to-one tuition ($40p/hr)
- group tuition ($35p/hr)
- home visits (no extra travelling fee)
- phone help (text whenever and I will try my best to assist asap; usually 10 minutes)

Feedback and what makes me a great tutor:

I have been given the impression, as well as told, that I am an exceptional tutor in that I don't just bombard my students with knowledge. I patiently teach them the outcomes to be assessed while having casual talk with them in between as I understand it is a lot of learning and it would make it easier for them if they are relaxed and comfortable but also stay focused and not get off track. I find this approach to be most effective as unloading information onto them will just cause them to forget it. I also manage the time to make sure to go through all the content that needs to be done in the lesson. From my experience, I know what I'm doing thus I will use all my efforts to ensure that whoever I am working with that they will receive the best results possible in the most efficient way and try my best to relieve the stress coming from school as I am aware of the circumstances. I also aim to prove that learning can be fun and ensure that my student is able to achieve their best. I believe a good tutor offers their services for the pleasure of teaching and that is what I intend to do as I find satisfaction in helping others, knowing that I am able to make a positive impact on their lives.

I hope to hear from you soon.


  • Dux of Liverpool Boys High School, 2018
  • Working With Children Check
  • Civics & Citizenship Award for being a respectful school ambassador.
  • Special Gold Award for being respectful, responsible and a learner.
  • Vice Sports Captain
  • Minister of School (group of school representatives)
  • HEALTH AWARD AT U@Uni Summer School 2017
  • 1st place in freestyle and backstroke at the swimming carnival.


Year 12 completed in 2018.
Mark achieved: 90.00.
Currently studying Bachelor of Advanced Science (Pre-Medicine) at University of Technology Sydney.


  • Music
  • Gym
  • Swimming
  • Muay Thai
  • Motorcycles
  • Dog


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Travel policy

I am able to teach at your house or at a library of your choice. No travelling fee.