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Tutoring near Payneham South, Adelaide, SA & Saint Peters, Adelaide, SA


IB: 44/45 (2nd in SA; College IB Dux; ATAR);
Rates vary to cater your needs; Group Discounts Available
Working With Children Check.


Subjects Studied:
HL Chemistry (7/7 - Merit)
HL Economics (7/7 - Merit)
HL Chinese (7/7 - Merit)
SL Mathematics (7/7 - Merit)
SL Physics (7/7 - Merit)
SL English Literature (6/7)
Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay (3/3 - Maximum Bonus Marks)

1510 - Top 1% worldwide
SAT II Subject Tests:
Maths 2 - 800/800
Chemistry - 780/800


Hi there!

Congratulations! If you are reading this, you must be motivated to advance your studies, and willing to learn strategies that will help you reach your ambitious goals!

I am a passionate student who graduated with the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma with 44/45 points ( ATAR). This score not only enabled me to become the school’s IB Dux, but also placed me second overall in the state of South Australia. Throughout my educational journey, I have had extensive leadership and co-curricular experiences. The rigor of those commitments allowed me to develop effective time management strategies as well as study methods, both of which, in my opinion, have enabled my academic success. Schooling can be fun if you maintain all your hobbies and learn how to transform extensive co-curricular commitments into an advantage for academic achievements!

Regarding tutoring, I believe the forging of a strong relationship is most important, since all learning proceeds from trust and understanding. My community service activities tutoring, coaching and mentoring across diverse age groups over the years have instilled into me a strong appreciation for the need to listen and understand one's strengths, capabilities and ambitions. By trying to understand your journey and motivations, I hope to then tailor sessions in order to best help you reach your full potential.

You must be motivated if you've made it this far! It would be a privilege to be a small part of your journey and to help you achieve your goals, both academically and co-curricular wise. I hope to be able to share effective study, organization and time management strategies that can not only benefit you this year but also, more importantly, well beyond your schooling career. We’re in this to learn together.

I look forward to meeting you!

David Quan


** Detailed syllabus driven Economics SL/HL and Chemistry SL/HL notes available in PDF form - message to express interest**
** Top 3 IB Advice: **
** Most Underrated IB Resources: **
** Please feel free to message me to discuss any aspects of the program (for free). I would be more than happy to support you, or to connect you with other IB alumni. **


  • Order of Australia Association Student Citizenship Awards
  • St Peter's College IB Dux
  • Keys Award (Highest School Honour)
  • St Peter's College School Vice-Captain, School Prefect, Hawkes House Captain, Public Speaking Captain, Chinese Society Captain, Basketball Vice-Captain, Music Vice-Captain
  • Australian Defense Force Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award
  • WH Irvin Memorial Prize for School Public Speaking Champion
  • Day Foundation Scholarship for Social Entrepreneurship
  • Sinclair Trust Prize for Entrepreneurship and Initiative
  • Caterer Scholarship for all-round ability and character
  • Rob Phillips Medal for the Most Valuable Player in the Intercollegiate Basketball Match; JR Januske Shield for Defensive Player of the Year
  • 3rd in State Public Speaking Grand Final
  • State Champion for Australian Economics Competition Senior Division
  • SA IB Diploma Schools CAS (Creative, Action Service) Outstanding Achievement Award
  • 1 of 30 Cambridge Trust Scholars


Year 12 completed in 2018.
Mark achieved: 99.85 (verified).
Currently studying at Cambridge University (October 2020 commencement).


  • Basketball
  • Music
  • Pubic Speaking
  • Community Service
  • Mentoring and tutoring
  • Reading and learning


David has had a significant favourable influence on my learning and education. Using fun analogies, jokes and making learning enjoyable, he has successfully helped me achieve better results. He has given me tips and tricks on different ways to work around questions. David is an inspirational and outstanding tutor that I would recommend to anyone wanting to improve their learning. Thanks, David!
- By Minija Valuzis on 26th April 2019

David has been an exceptional influence on our sons start to year 7. He looks forward to every session that he has with David and is really enjoying his studies. He has helped our son become motivated with his school work, more organised in day to day life and also helped him work out how he can do all the sports that he loves doing and still have time to study and study properly.
- By Carly Sims on 25th March 2019

Having worked alongside David, I can safely say he is an incredibly hard worker who knows his content back-to-front. I have no doubt he will be an excellent tutor who provides his services at the best of his ability.
- By Nik Glynatsis on 6th March 2019

Amazing person who is passionate about service and also generous in helping students out with all subjects, particularly economics. His achievements speak for itself!
- By George Karassoulos on 2nd March 2019

David is a very respected member of Saint Peters College. Very knowledgable young man as he is the schools IB dux - I've enjoyed working alongside of David as a prefect, and I know that his personal qualities will make a great tutor!
- By Will Golding on 1st March 2019

An amazing, hardworking and caring friend who will without a doubt teach the next Einstein :D Keep being awesome! x
- By Rory Balding on 26th February 2019

Biggest legend - best prefect ever, always interacting with everyone and knows everyone’s name. Gun at b-ball, wins every award there is and just a really friendly leader
- By Alex on 22nd January 2019

Character references

David has been teaching my son (9yo) for 3 months. David is always prepared and communicates brilliantly to motivate and get out from my son the best. David explains tangled Chinease in a logical and comprehensive way - I have to follow as well so I knew what to practice with my son at home. He is a very good dedicated teacher!!
- By Anna Urbaniak on 17th March 2019


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