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I studied law at university and earned the double degree: Bachelor Business (Marketing) / Bachelor of Laws (LLB). I continued my post-graduate studies and earned a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. I was admitted to practice as a lawyer, and following nearly 3 years practicing as a commercial litigator with a firm in the city, I began a different role working with a company that develops continuing professional legal education programs for lawyers. In my role I research legislation, case precedents and trends in legal practice, and have developed programs for different jurisdictions nationally and in New Zealand. I have been with this company for 4 years now, and I am currently the New Zealand General Manager.

How I can help with English tuition:
• Reviewing, refining and polishing current class work;
• Planning and developing a creative work;
• Time management and tips for working efficiently.

Develop skills to:
• Respond to a text critically;
• Identify themes, structure, tone, atmosphere, setting, point of view, character voice;
• Identify visual and literary techniques;
• Confidently ‘break down’ a question into its smaller components;
• Understand how to ‘link back’ to a question and choose appropriate literary techniques to discuss and why;
• How to structure a response.

How I can help with Legal Studies tuition:
• Understand the Australian and other Court Systems;
• Identify the legal issues relevant to a question;
• Use correct terminology and understand legal concepts;
• Develop a wider understanding of legislation, cases, media international legal instruments and their 'real world' application;
• Approach a question logically, based on fact and respond clearly and cohesively.

If I can assist, please feel free to contact me.


  • Bachelor Business (Marketing) / Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice
  • First Aid Certificate


Higher School Certificate (HSC):
Excelled in English in (including Extension 1 and 2 English), Drama and Law

Tertiary Studies:
Bachelor Business (Marketing) / Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

Post-Graduate Studies:
Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice


  • Cooking and Pickling
  • Gardening and Ikebana
  • Skiing


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