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Hi, I’m a recent high-school graduate (2019) from Helena College. After WACE I achieved an ATAR of 99.85 and Dux of school. I have been tutoring since I started year 12 giving me 3 years of experience in Maths, Physics and Science tutoring. Currently I am studying Honours in Electrical Engineering and Physics with plan to complete a master’s Electrical Engineering. In my University Coursework I average over 90 across all units.

In Year 12 my ATAR courses, include:
• ATAR Mathematics: Methods
• ATAR Mathematics: Specialist
• ATAR Physics
• ATAR Chemistry
• ATAR Literature

In year 12 I achieved straight A grades and over 90 percent in Methods, Specialist, Physics and Chemistry, I have a strong understanding of the concepts presented in these courses at both a technical level and the ability to discuss the practical applications of these concepts. I have competed in the Australian Maths Competition and received distinction or higher in each year of High School. I aim to make Maths and Science fun and engaging by teaching the uses of these courses’ concepts. In my years of experience tutoring, I have honed my skills to explain Maths and Science concepts in a simple, clear, and logical manner that anyone can follow.
My key strategy for tutoring is to develop problem solving and critical thinking, while teaching for understanding as opposed to rote learning. High Achieving students are capable of thinking on their feet and deriving complicated concepts from simpler ones allowing them to remember less while answering a wide range of questions in the high-pressure environments of assessment.

I offer tutoring in all ATAR Maths, Year 10 Advanced, ATAR Physics, First Year University Physics, First Year University Maths, Introductory Python Programming, and all Undergraduate Electrical Engineering. If you have any query’s feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to help.


  • Maths Methods 94.2%
  • Maths Specialist 96.4%
  • Physics 92.9%
  • Chemistry 88.5%



  • Analog/Digital Electronics Enthusiast
  • Hockey


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