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Hi everyone, I'm Charlotte and I'm currently studying Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering and Arts at the University of Sydney and graduated from Killara High School in 2017 so I'm still familiar with the content and structures required in HSC style questions. I'm an experienced English tutor with students getting huge improvements. I've taught a number of year 12 students and am familiar with the new syllabus, and providing students with the tools they'd need to keep in mind to ace their exams.

DUE TO COVID: all lessons will be over zoom and I can provide support with online school work at a lesser rate if requested

How I will help you with English:
The structures of my lesson vary depending on the student, most lessons are tailored specifically for the student's needs. I'm well versed in essay writing structure and analysis of texts. I will help you understand and integrate sophisticated language and techniques into your essays so you can use them under exam conditions. I work collaboratively with my students to ensure that we cover what they want to improve on and what I think they need to work on. I keep them in the loop about the trajectory of our lessons and how they’re planned out to get their feedback and ensure the lessons are not repetitive and engaging.

"Hi Charlotte, *student's name* got a great result at English last term! Thanks a lot!"

More about me:
English was my favorite and strongest subject and I understand the structure required well. I also have a broad knowledge of techniques and have many tips for preparing for exam conditions.
I'm pretty chill so if you have any questions about the HSC in general or any other subjects I've done I'd be happy to answer them.
Currently studying Philosophy as my arts major and am familiar with writing very sophisticated essays.

Subjects I did: Ext 2 + Ext 1 Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Adv + Ext 1 English.


  • Sydney Women in Aerospace Engineering Marketing executive 2019-2020
  • Educating the Future Marketing team leader 2019-2020
  • Founder of Philosophy club 2017 KHS
  • Social Justice Committee leader and Prefect at KHS 2017


Year 12 completed in 2017.
Mark achieved: 94.25.
Currently studying Aeronautical Engineering and Arts at The University of Sydney.


  • Reading.


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