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Hey there! I'm James, I've been a Maths tutor since 2012, I worked in a School for 4 years, I currently teach several Maths units at Monash University and currently have availability for a few more students.

About me:
After school I took a gap year and studied a diploma of Jazz Music, I then studied Engineering and Business for 3 years. While I was studying Engineering and Business I started tutoring, both privately and in schools. I really enjoyed teaching so I changed degrees and am currently in my 4th year of studying Education and Science (Majoring in mathematics, and Minoring in mathematical statistics, so lots and lots of maths). As well as studying at Monash. I am now teaching first year Engineering Maths there.

Outside of my formal education I also have a love of learning. I dance, play music, and learn Languages. Other than Maths, I have also taught music and dance.

My range of experience as a teacher, and as a student, has given me knowledge of how different people learn, and of different ways that I can explain concepts to people.
In general, I believe that the best way to teach Maths is in a way which the student understands the concepts rather than just giving the student a method to produce an answer, which is how maths is commonly taught.



  • Guitar
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Learning Langauges
  • Composition


My 17 year old grandson felt completely at ease with James. He received a much better understanding of math methods but James also gave him a confidence that was lacking. James was there every week and went over and above in accomodating our wishes. I would highly recommend James and would definitely use him again if the need were to arise.
- By Fran on 28th July 2019

Our 17 year old twins are both studying maths methods in year 11 with the intention of carrying the subject forward into year 12. We realized there was a gap in the boys education and we wanted to be on the front foot, and find a solution going into VCE rather than have a last minute panic. James was recommended to us by a previous student and he has since become a valued member of our extended family. The boys find him extremely engaging and his love of maths inspires even the most sceptic among us. He has a fabulous way of communicating maths that makes it sound reasonable, logical and relevant. James's patience and ability to communicate alleviates concerns and instils confidence. The boys will actively seek James out for extra sessions when they feel they are lacking understanding of a particular subject or they miss classes for any reason. Maths has ceased to be a dirty word in our household and both the boys are doing well, we are very fortunate to have found James.
- By Kylie Burns on 22nd August 2018

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