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98.75 ATAR | 5+ years tutoring experience | Mathematics & science

Hi, I'm Fabian! I am currently studying the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) - Science at the Australian National University. I achieved an ATAR of 98.75 (equivalent to an IB score of 40/45) upon graduating high school in 2016. I have experience tutoring both during high school, where I hosted a mathematics tutoring club, and after high school. I love helping others develop a deep understanding for their subject material! I can refer you to many past students and parents who will attest to my excellent tutoring.

I have a passion for mathematics and science in general, and I love teaching others. While studying the Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences (Advanced) in 2017 at the University of Adelaide, I received a summer research scholarship because my mathematics score was the highest in the cohort (99%).

As for my high school subject scores, I received:
7/7 for Mathematics HL
7/7 for Chemistry HL
7/7 for Biology SL
6/7 for Economics HL

In addition, at university level, I received:
99% (HD) for Mathematics IA.
A summer research scholarship with CLEX for climate science at ANU.

With my experience, and love for teaching, I can make significant improvements in students' learning.

I am flexible with my available hours, and also with location. Please contact me if you are interested.



  • Outstanding Achievement awards for 6 subjects (Glenunga International High School)
  • 40/45 in the IB Diploma Programme
  • 99% in Mathematics IA at the University of Adelaide
  • Principal's Scholarship at the University of Adelaide
  • Summer Research Scholarship (Mathematics) at the University of Adelaide
  • CLEX Summer Research Scholarship at the Australian National University (2020)


Year 12 completed in 2016.
Mark achieved: 98.75 (verified).
Currently studying Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) - Science at The Australian National University.


  • Swimming
  • Working out
  • Reading
  • Cooking
  • Hip-hop music


I was lucky to be tutored by Fabian throughout year 12 in 2017, where he truly allowed me to achieve my personal best in stage 2 maths methods. He is great at explaining and is very patient at all times, especially when introducing any new concepts. He wants the best for all his students and always puts in a lot of effort to make sure everyone he tutors performs to the best of their ability. Additionally, Fabian makes maths very fun and is in general a very kind and encouraging person, which ultimately led to me (surprisingly) enjoying maths in year 12.
- By Marci on 29th January 2018

Before Fabian left Adelaide to endeavour his dream program as stated, he proudly tutored a number of students including me for Year 12 Maths Methods and Chemistry. I'd definitely recommend Fabian as a tutor! Provides affordable rates which are certainly negotiable for those with financial difficulties.
- By Victor on 28th January 2018

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