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500+ hours of tutoring experience!! Hey everyone! My name is Zeel, I am currently undertaking combined Actuarial science degree at UNSW. I graduated with an ATAR of 99.30 in 2017 from Parramatta high school
and willing to tutor high school students in
year 7-12: mathematics (all levels including extension 1 maths and extension 2 maths)
year 11, 12: Physics and Chemistry

I truly believe that Achieving the results you wanted is more about the persistence and your work ethics rather than the talent and hence anyone truly determined can easily achieve it... !!!!. I will be mentoring students to develop the work ethic and the mindset needed to achieve their dream atar. My ability to dumb down very hard concepts in mathematics and science allowed me to achieve high grades throughout my high school. This technique will also help students to build a strong foundation with a range of essential skill set to achieve good results and set them apart from their grade.


  • • Achieved high E4’s and band 6’s in Maths extension 1(99), Maths extension 2(95), Physics(94) and chemistry(94)
  • • 2017 DUX of Parramatta high school
  • • Ranked top 2 for all my subjects in the grade.
  • Atar achieved: 99.30
  • Received distinction in the 2015 UNSW maths olympiad
  • Received academic achievement award(AAA) scholarship of UNSW worth $4000
  • Awarded Macquarie University Faculty of Business and Economics Dean’s Scholarship 2018 of $5000 p.a for a maximum of four years upon enrolment
  • Over 500 hours of tutoring experience


Year 12 completed in 2017.
Mark achieved: 99.30 (verified).
Currently studying Bachelor of Actuarial Studies / Bachelor of Advance Maths(Hons) at The University of New South Wales.


  • Reading
  • Tutoring


Zeel is a fantastic tutor and teacher. He showcases an extensive and deep understanding of the all course content required in the HSC syllabus which makes his ability to break down difficult topics into easily understandable concepts effortless. Zeel is very patient with his students and willing to teach certain topics from various perspectives and methods making it no surprise that my marks at school increased as they did, allowing me to achieve a band 6 in Mathematics and a high band 5 in Chemistry.
I would definitely recommend Zeel if you want to achieve your maximum potential in the HSC!
- By Sam on 6th February 2019

Zeel is an excellent tutor. It was thanks to his help that my maths extension physics grades went up as much as they did. He makes sure to offer clear explanations of everything he teaches and in the case a student doesn't understand something he'll explain it to them from the basics. Thanks to this students get a detailed and in depth understanding of what's being taught.
- By Khurshid Manal on 11th January 2019

Excellent tutoring!
- By Varun Singh Negi on 23rd January 2018

Character references

Zeel has shown himself to be an outstanding student and person the time I have known him. He is self-motivated, determined and hard working. He has an ability to connect and work with people of all ages with integrity and respect.

I have no hesitation in recommending Zeel.
- By Karishma Mathur on 30th January 2018

I have taught Zeel Physics in years 11 and 12. Zeel is a determined and enthusiastic young man with a bright personality who is self-motivated and organised. He has shown himself to consistently contribute to class discussion, an attitude which not only benefits his own studies but also contributes towards a positive learning environment for his fellow classmates. Zeel is an impressive young man who has conducted himself with integrity and dignity during his time at this school. He is well respected by staff and by his peers who have come to appreciate his balanced and well considered perspectives and his ability to work with others as a team.I have every confidence in recommending Zeel as a tutor.
- By Davendra Goundar on 25th January 2018


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