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Hey all !!!! My name is Ryan and I am the Head Tutor of Eximia Education.

I specialise as a Private Tutor in English/Literature, Mathematics and History and am engaged in current study of a Bachelor of Arts (Mathematics and English majors) . I've been Tutoring for 5 Years and have exceptional Teaching Coordination and Learning Management skills. My student's performance drastically improves after 2 Terms of Tutoring; usually by up to 20%.

You don't have to believe what I say though, here's a glimpse of my student's feedback (shortened for sake of listing):
"Your passion and teaching style cannot be replaced nor replicated. You cared for my son. I am so very grateful for what you have instilled in him..."
"My son has improved tremendously as a result of your teaching and mentoring..."
"My English Teacher hated me before I came to you, Now she's on the phone to my mum, telling her how much I improved instead of how much I'm disrupting the class"
"You made me want to enter into a Bachelor of Education Course because you made me see the importance of teaching and how it can change a student's life"
"It took two years, but I'm back up to 90% in my assessments from starting with you at below 50%"
"My Daughter simply doesn't want to be tutored by anyone but you and she's had tutoring for years. She loved how you taught"
"I improved like 20% in my first assessment, it was crazy!!"

Why do my Student's achieve these results? Because I personally went from ranking in the bottom fifth at the end of Y11 (at the very best...) in English Advanced to finishing Y12 Rank 2 so I know how to drastically improve student’s marks in arguably the HSC student’s most despised subject. I also ranked in the top 3 for all my subjects (Modern, History Ext, Bio, Chem, Eng Adv) but one (2UMTH). I teach my students how to get the ranks during the HSC year so that even BEFORE you start the HSC exams you can predict the ATAR you will get (My prediction was .75 below my actual - you can message me if you want to know my marks).

ALSO, I have a specific lesson where I teach student’s to break down the criteria of assignments and complete it the way the teacher wants it so you’re not left with some vague explanation for not getting the marks that you deserve!

I’ve also ‘discovered’ that a large majority of students (and frustratingly teachers) don’t understand how the whole HSC system and ATAR calculation works which causes major headaches during the year. For this reason I’m offering special lessons to give student’s an understanding of how the whole HSC system and ATAR calculation works so student’s can get into the University Course they want with the marks they need to do so - I’ll put together the time needed for each subject, the marks needed to sustain and give students the motivation to do it! (If I can succeed in the HSC with Chronic Fatigue and be one mark off state ranking in Modern, then you can certainly achieve your goals too ????). So any students wanting to know how to manipulate the system so the hard-work (or not) that you put in maximises your overall results should make contact with me ! I don't have many availablilies so be quick!

If you're interested in subjects I don't Tutor, my Company - Eximia Education - offers tutoring and coaching for primary (K-6) and high school (Y7-12) students across all subjects (including OC, Selective and NAPLAN) on-premise in the heart of the Hills District, throughout regional Sydney and Online. We have fantastic tutors, many with University degrees and all with current WWCC. Our team strives to teach and coach students to learn independently and excel. Just google Eximia Education to check out our website for a wider array of information on our subjects and why we are so well recommended in the community for procuring change in our Student's academic engagement and results.


  • HSC History Extension 48/50
  • HSC Modern History 95/100 - ONE MARK OFF STATE RANK
  • HSC English Advanced 94/100
  • HSC Biology 93/100
  • HSC Chemistry 87/100
  • HSC Mathematics 88/100
  • 5 Undergraduate Scholarship Offers from USYD, MQU, ACU, WSU
  • Owner and CEO of Sapientia Private Capital Investments



  • Education
  • Spearfishing
  • Piano
  • Writing


Character references

I taught Ryan HSC Chemistry and witnessed first-hand his excellent work ethic and patience with and encouragement of others. He understands the course extremely well and is gifted in explaining to others the key concepts and how to maximise marks and avoid errors. Ryan is an exceptional student and would be a wonderful tutor.
- By Mrs Zoe Tonge on 21st January 2018


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