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99.75 ATAR | 99th percentile UCAT | UNSW medicine

Hi! I'm Jasmine, a 2019 graduate from James Ruse Agricultural High School and a first-year medicine student at UNSW. I was a HSC all-rounder (band 6 in every subject) with an ATAR of 99.75.

I specialise in tutoring mathematics (junior, preliminary, HSC - advanced, 3U, 4U), physics and chemistry. My HSC marks are as follows:
3U maths: 99 (examination mark 100)
4U maths: 96 (ranked 9th at James Ruse)
Physics: 94 (ranked 14th at James Ruse)
Chemistry: 94
Advanced English: 93

I offer private tutoring (online included!) for:
Years 7-10 students
HSC and preliminary students
Interview training
UCAT preparation

I believe the best way to help students improve is by placing a greater emphasis on their conceptual understanding, enabling them to successfully apply their knowledge to difficult questions. Being the first cohort to sit through the new syllabus for English, physics and chemistry, I understand the uncertainty and anxiety that many students may be feeling but I will provide constructive feedback and advice based on firsthand experience to help them reach their full potential.

My lessons will be personalised to each student and they will be able to have access to my own HSC notes as well as a variety of other resources such as textbooks and past papers I used for my own study throughout my high school years.

UCAT is an online test introduced in 2019 which is compulsory for entry into a medicine degree. I achieved a total score of 3130, which was in the 99th percentile. Lessons will be based entirely around the student's needs, and I will be able to offer personalised advice from my own experience as well as explore the ways to approach the various subtests.

I also offer MMI and SSI medicine interview training (WSU and UNSW respectively, both of which I received offers for). The lessons will be focussed on first establishing the basics such as self-presentation and communication skills before going into further depth and exploring how to tackle different types of questions that may be asked across different universities. Interviews are the final hurdle of getting into medicine and are arguably the hardest and most important, so it is essential you know how to approach this!

I am based around Eastwood/Epping/Ryde. If you have any questions please feel free to message me!

$50/hour for Year 7-10
$60/hour for Year 11
$70/hour for Year 12
$60/hour for UCAT
$90/hour for interview training

If interested please contact me!


  • 99.75 ATAR
  • UCAT 99th percentile
  • HSC all rounder


Year 12 completed in 2019.
Mark achieved: 99.75 (verified).
Currently studying Doctor of Medicine at The University of New South Wales.


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